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Top 15 Best Kids Bean Bag Chairs 2019 [Buyer’s Guide]

Kids absolutely love bean bag chairs, in fact, who doesn’t love them? Bean bag chairs are extremely cool and comfortable: their soft and plush filling will allow you to sink into it and it will mold to every contour of your body, providing a great sensation of comfort and coziness even if they aren’t exactly the most supportive for sitting in a good posture. If you want to indulge your kids’ wishes a bit, you are probably wondering what the best kids bean bag chairs really are, right?

Before we get to the point, there are some renowned brands out there you would like to know who are performing very well in making the kids bean bag chairs.

  • 1. Big Joe: Big Joe is probably one of the best enterprises when it comes to bean bag chairs for kids. Not only do they produce kids bean bag chairs in a flurry of different styles to fit all your kids’ tastes (seriously, they have unicorn ones, sporty ones, regular patterns…) but they are conceived with kids in mind, which means all their bean bags are high quality, sturdy and soft in addition to having a really nice and plush filling. And they are charitable, too! If you are one of those who are obsessed with brands and don’t want to spend too much time making decisions, Big joe bean bag can be you first choice.
  • 2. Yoweentoon: This brand produces some super cute kids bean bag chairs that look like gigantic toys for kids, which are very stylish and fun for a kids’ room. It is also really easy to clean with a damp cloth, and it dries really fast in addition to being rather sturdy and durable while still being really lightweight, plush and soft to the touch (we promise, your kids are going to LOVE it!) However, something you need to know about is that they come completely empty because kids are supposed to fill it with their plushies, so they are not only bean bags for kids, but also an organization tool! 2 in 1!
  • 3. Huddle Supply: This brand makes a giant bean bag that can not only be used as a chair but also as a bed. While the designs are not super varied, the material these kids bean bag chairs are made of is very sturdy, comfortable and easy to clean, which makes it perfect for children; Besides, the filling is also missing as your kids are supposed to fill their bean bags with cute plushies! Featured a reinforced seams and a strong zipper, your kids won’t be able to mess them up easily. So the Huddle Supply is probably one of the best bean bag chairs for kids if you want something big and high quality yet reasonably priced.

All in all, kids bean bag chairs are an incredibly cool addition to your little ones’ room. If you are looking for the best bean bag chairs for kids that are super soft, plush, comfortable, and easy to clean for a reasonable price, make sure the brands you are searching for create bean bag chairs with kids in mind. And one last important thing: it would be really good to include our kids in the deciding process: if they end up not liking the bean bags, they won’t sit in it and be happy with it at all.

Best Bean Bag Chairs for Kids

Lukeight Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

Expecting your kids to actually love to clean up (yes, it’s possible!)? Then, we would like to introduce you to Lukeight bean bag chair. Lukeight is a great organization tool for kids’ plushies. Coming in plenty of different sizes and colors, this fantastic kids bean bag chair is made of resistant cotton with reinforced seams. Besides, it is easy to wash, and as long as you treat it well, it will last you a long time! This one could be one of the most perfect kids bean bag chairs for those moms tired of asking their little ones to keep their room clean.


Wekapo Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

If you want an easy, fun solution for your kids to tidy up their plush toys… take a look at the WEKAPO bean bag! Coming in a wide range of colors and sizes, this bean bag chair is incredibly comfortable when it is filled with plushies: your kids are going to love taking naps on it and in fact, it is so cool even their friends are going to want one for themselves!


Big Joe Lux Wild Bunch Unicorn Bean Bag

If you want your kids to have a room they will love, meet the Big Joe bean bag chair. Featuring a flurry of cute animal designs in pastel colors, this adorable bean bag chair will look really good in your kids’ room. Besides, it is extremely soft and plush so your kids are going to want to touch it non stop, and the filling is soft, comfortable and lightweight for your kids to take a lot of naps in. Big Joe bean is not only one of the most stylish bean bag chairs for kids to decorate their room, yes, but also a functional one!


5 STARS UNITED Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag

Cleaning up is much easier when it’s fun and engaging, do you know what is really fun and original? The answer is hidden in this 5 Stars United bean bag chair, and it’s going to make your kids want to organize their room. This bean bag chair becomes extremely plush, comfy and soft after being filled up by using plush toys. They are going to love sitting on it, taking naps on it and playing with it. Besides, it comes in a lot of different colors and designs to be able to match your kids’ tastes and the material is sturdy and easy to clean to be able to withstand kids’ rowdiness! All in all, a perfect gift for the unorganized kids or the tired parents!


Huddle Supply Co Stuffed Animal Bean Bag Chair

Who wouldn’t want to take a nap on a stylish and soft bean bag chair? If you want a comfortable bean bag that won’t look out of place in your kids’ room, look no further: the Huddle Supply beanbag I exactly what you need. This fun, the unconventionally-shaped bean bag chair is not only stylish, but it is cozy too! Made entirely out of super breathable and sturdy cotton canvas, this bean bag is not only super durable but also easy to wash. Both the rambunctious kid and the tired mother are going to adore this gift!


Nobildonna Stuffed Storage Bird's Nest Bean Bag Chair

Are you looking for the best bean bag chairs for kids who are always full of energy? Or do you have animals that love scratching and jumping on them? If you want a beanbag for your room but not sure what one to choose… what about the Nobildonna? Made out of a sturdy, resistant yet soft material, Nobildonna bean bag chair is going to become a new favorite place for both your kids and animals to hang out in! The cover of this kids bean bag is also easy to remove and wash for a no-hassle experience! Coming in different sizes and different colors, this cool bean bag will fit in just about any theme of house, shed, dorm or basement!


Smart Wallaby Large Bean bag chair

Measuring 31 inches in diameter, the giant bean bag chair is a 2-in-1 bag as it is 15 inches high when closed and can be expanded to 23 inches to fit more objects; and it is very comfortable plush and lightweight: your kids will love sitting on it! It also comes in 4 designs, which makes it perfect to fit your kids’ choice. And it is sturdy, breathable and easy to clean. It will become your kid’s new favorite bean bag chair to keep all their plushies organized!


Yoweenton Stuffed Animal Bean Bag Toy Storage

If you want to add a very cute bean bag that looks like a plushie to your life, check out Yoweenton: it looks like a giant stuffed toy. Coming in several different designs this bean bag chair will fit just about any kids’ room, and its soft, plushy, velvety material makes it even more adorable – your kids don’t want to stop touching it!


GoMoji Emoji Simply Relax Bean Bag Chair

This funny, crazy, cool bean bag chair is a perfect replica of the poop emoji which your kids are going to adore, but it is not only fun and stylish: it is made out of a velvety, breathable material and filled with extremely high-quality beans, so your kids are going to sit on it all the time. On top of that, the sturdy material makes it both easy to clean and durable, so it will be able to withstand your children’s rowdiness and play! All in all, it is one the most incredibly fun, stylish bean bag chairs for kids: your kids won’t want to leave them, and can’t wait to show them off to their friends!


Lmeison Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

Do you remember the big hit “baby shark”? If your kids are fans of this funny, hilarious, cute Internet hit, it is possible that they would also love this funny Lmeison bean bag chair! This crazy novelty, unique bean bag chair makes it look like that your children are sitting inside the mouth of a shark! Besides, it is made out of a super sturdy, hardy canvas material that is soft and comfortable to the touch while being really easy to wash and resistant to the little bundles of energy that kids are! All in all, it could be a cute addition to a kid’s bedroom and the perfect gift for the tired moms!


Big Joe Bean Bag Chair Football Basketball Soccer Ball

Featuring sporty designs this super cool bean bag chair is made out of polyester so they are durable, easy to clean and incredibly stylish! They are also filled with a special type of bean for maximum comfort, and they are also refillable to boot! The best part is that the seams have double stitching and are super resistant: this bean bag will last you a lifetime. Besides, for every purchase Big Joe donates 10% of the money to charity, isn’t that wonderful? For a cool, fun and charitable beanbag, this is your pick!


Lumaland Luxury 7-Foot Giant Bean Bag Chair

Coming in a lot of different colors and sizes, the Lumaland bean bag chair is fun for the entire family! Made out of ultra-soft suede that is extremely plush to the touch, this bean bag is also easy to wash and clean and it dries really fast; The filling is really comfortable so you can definitely take naps in it when not sharing it with your family. This bean bag chair is actually almost as big as a sofa, so it is best used to spend time hanging out with your family and bonding: It will become your new favorite spot.


Soft Landing animal Bean Bag Chair

If you are looking for the most adorable bean bag chairs for kids on the market available, take a look at the Soft Landing. This super stylish, cute bean bag features a cartoonish style imitating many different animals to fit any kids’ room! Cat, Dino, Llama, Monster, Unicorn… It is also easy to wash and comes with a double zipper so kids can’t get inside the filling and spread it around, which makes it perfect for kids ages 3 and up! Besides, it is extremely plush and nice to sit on, so all kids are going to spend the entire day there! Your kids will love it so much that they are going to bring all their friends to sit on it!


Big Joe Cuddle Bean Bag Chair

This Big Joe bean bag chair looks like an actual chair with a rather stylish and good looking; and the material is soft yet slick and easy to clean to be able to deal with children’s problems easily! Besides, this bean bag is rather sturdy, hardy and durable so you can be sure it won’t break on you after a couple of uses. While the filling is a bit hard at first, it becomes soft and plush after a couple of times of using it! The perfect addition to your kids’ room!


Leachco Pillay Plush Sling-Style Bean Bag Chair

Featuring a bed shape, this one could be the most comfortable bean bag chairs for kids from Leachco. The center stretch panel will adjust with your kids weight and they will definitely be able to take naps on it! Besides, the filling is very soft and pillowy to provide for maximum relaxation! Made out of polyester, it also comes with a reinforcement on the inside so it won’t lose shape any time soon. All in all, if you are looking for a perfect bean bag chair for kids that doubles as a bed, then this one could be a perfect option!


Things To Know Before Buying Kids Bean Bag Chairs

All in all, buying the best bean bag chairs for kid may not be that easy if you don’t know what your kids really want. As far as we are concerned, apart from your budget, there are several other important factors you need to consider before making the final decision: 

1. Organization.

If you have kids, you know they are bundles of energy and have no problems with playing for hours on end and being rambunctious…but when it’s time to organize their room, especially the plush toys, it is almost impossible to get them to do it! They are just ungovernable! “But mom, they are organized to me !” “You think they are not organized but I know where they are!” If you are looking for the best bean bag chairs for kids, make sure they can double as an organization.


Are your kids little pranksters? Are they into Internet culture? Do they love emojis and communicate pretty much exclusively through them? Are you looking for the best bean bag chairs to fit your little macho man’s taste? If you love your kids and want to please them and give them a cool bean bag, make sure to take their interest into consideration.


Kids are naive, and they just love cute bean bag chairs, and to be honest what’s not to love about them? If you want a cool, impressed bean bag that won’t look out of place in your kids’ room, make sure they are well-designed.


Bean bag chairs are soft, comfortable and plush, both kids and adults absolutely love bean bags, that’s a fact of life. Who wouldn’t want to take a nap on them? Sometimes you need a really comfy chair to sit it, and a simple sofa is not going to cut it. You need something that you can really cuddle up to, and that will really adapt to the contours of your body, bean bags are perfect for this as they will envelop you as if you were inside a fluffy cake! If you are looking for the soft and nice-to-touch bean bag chairs for kids, the comfort is also what you should consider.