Kids Doctor Kit 31 Pieces Pretend-n-Play Dentist Medical Kit

Do your kids want to become a doctor or a pediatrician? Do they bandage their little teddy bears and dolls, try to vaccinate all their little pals whenever the opportunity arises and always carry bandaids in their pocket just in case they need to put it on someone? Or do they love kissing your boo-boos and saying “pain pain go away ” even when you aren’t hurt? Then we have the perfect gift for their next little birthday: the Durable Kids Doctor Kit!

This fun, lovely kids doctor kit comes with an electronic stethoscope and another 12 different medical pieces of equipment, so your little doctor has everything they need to play in their little clinic, and it comes with a sturdy yet lightweight case to make a perfect gift and also for ease of transport so that you can take this anywhere!

Besides, the toys come with a range of realistic sound effects to add credibility and a layer of realism to their playing: the phone has different tones, and the stethoscope features an exciting real-life heartbeat and coughing sounds! And the batteries are included, too, how amazing is that!

All in all, this little kids doctor kit is perfect for the little doctor or pediatrician to-be that is interested in learning how the human body works, or for a doctor shy kid to learn that doctors are kind, sympathetic friends that don’t want to hurt us by playing with a replica of the medical equipment doctors use to cure illnesses !

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Have your kids showed a special interest in the medical field and always cared about you minor injuries?

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