Kids Phone A Screen-Free Smarter Phone for Kids

If you were born in the age where smartphones weren’t a thing yet, you might be dumbfounded by how many parents just hand them off easily to their very small kids, no questions asked. You might find it difficult to understand why a 6 years old little one or a toddler needs a kids phone.

And at the same time, you understand that the world is increasingly dangerous and kids need to be protected. If you think it is too premature to hand a toddler a phone, but would like a simple, easy way to keep them safe and reachable at all times, the Relay Kids Phone Alternative might be for you.

This kid’s phone alternative will provide you with all the safety of a real phone without a need for a real one: you are always connected as the Relay offers a reliable, fast 4G connection and you only need to tap a button to be able to reach your smartphone or other Relays.

This device also allows the child to sent emergency alerts in case something goes wrong and it is GPS tracked for peace of mind: be able to locate your child in no time by receiving tracked emergency alerts that display where your child is located. 

It’s a child’s nature to explore, have fun, and take adventures with friends, Relay makes it easier and safer. Apart from giving it as a gift for kids, Relay kids phone is also a perfect option for outdoor enthusiasts, for the team, and the old.

8.5Expert Score

3 levels of safety help keep your kids connected.

GPS Tracking
SOS alerts

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