Kids Playhouse with Wood Roof and Wide-Open Vista Viewing Windows

If you have ever seen an American movie that features a family with kids, you are probably familiar with their big American yards that often feature either a big kids playhouse or a treehouse. If you are a proud citizen of the US of A yourself, it is quite likely that you had one of these when you were a little kid.

You probably remember the many many hours fondly playing there, finding refuge on it and turning it into a “safe space” where only those that you wanted could enter. If you would like your kids to live a similar experience, we would like to introduce you to the Backyard Discovery kids Playhouse.

This amazing, lovely toy house is the perfect addition for your backyard: made completely out of cedar (and a bit of plastic on the windows and on the decorations) be sure that this sturdy, resistant house will be able to withstand the weather even if you leave it outside under the rain. This little kids playhouse also features a wooden half-door and little plastic windows on the side so kids can always see in an out of it without problems.

Not only that but the house comes with a lot of decorations: flower pots, a toy stove and sink and a play cordless phone to aid creativity and to ensure your kids have everything they could ever want to the kids playhouse. 

This house is also really big yet easy to build for an easy, fast building experience that will allow your kids to play on their new house real soon! If you want your kids to have a grand experience playing house, this playhouse is for you!

7.4Expert Score

kids’ imaginations will be enriched when they pretend to cook, clean~

Value for money
Easy to assembl

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