The Original AirFort Kids Tent to Build A Fort in 30 Seconds

Do you remember those days when you were a little one and you would make kids tent out of pillows, blankets, clothing and just anywhere you could find on the floor?

Do you remember how cozy, comfy and protected you felt in this tiny little space that was only yours and felt like a castle no one could conquer?

Then get ready for a blast of the past because we are introducing you to this Original Inflatable Air fort!

This inflatable kids tent is not only a really fun, cool reminder of your own childhood days but it is really easy to set up: it is compatible with any box fans and it sets up in less than 30 seconds.

Colorful and roomy, its big size allows for several friends to be inside, so it is perfect for fun sleepovers or as a special fun place for birthday parties; What’s more, it is completely child-friendly, with an easy way to access and exit it and windows for kids to be able to see in and out of.

As an alternative use, if you don’t have any kids get this inflatable fort as a special, fun safe spot for your cats and small dogs: they will love having a safe, fun refuge to hide in for a bit of tranquility!

9.5Expert Score

The instant worry-free play fort for kids of all ages.

Easy to set
Portable & Lightweight
Big Enough

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