Kitchen Strainer Fits all Pots and Bowls

Remember those days in college where you barely had a pot or kitchen strainer to your name, and you were surviving mostly off cheap instant ramen, pasta, grilled cheese, cereals and cafeteria meals? Remember that you didn’t even have a colander because it took up too much space and it was annoying to clean, so you had to do it with your wits, a plate and a lot of care not to burn yourself?

Aaah, those were the days (maybe not really. Eating like this is not sustainable in the long run. For God’s sake, take care of yourself). If you are still in need of more room or if you are a college student, we have a perfect solution for you: the Gizmo Snap’n kitchen strainer.

This non-nonsense kitchen strainer is perfect for those that can’t bother with a colander, and its universal design will fit any pot, even the smaller ones with a lid. It will save you a lot of room as it takes less than a quarter of the room of a traditional one, and it is made only of safe materials and completely BPA and phthalate-free for your peace of mind.

For ease of cleaning, it is dishwasher safe (microwave safe too, albeit we aren’t sure why you’d like to microwave it), and it can also be used to strain heavier foods like potatoes or other vegetables. All in all, if you are in college, live in a tiny apartment or can’t be bothered to wash an actual big colander, the Snap’n Strain kitchen strainer is perfect for all your straining needs!

9.2Expert Score

Time to change the way you handle boiling pasta water and meat juices.

Storage Capacity
Easy to clean

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