Lego VW bus Volkswagen T1 Camper Van (1334 Pieces)

Were you parents carefree hippies that travelled around the United States in their van, not a care in the world, giving daisies to cops and practising nudism? Were you perchance conceived in the famous Volkswagen camper van that pretty much all hippies had? We really hope this isn’t the case, or this lovely LEGO VW bus replica of the hippie Volkswagen camper van could make you think about your parents in certain compromising attitudes that you probably don’t want to think about. 

This amazing LEGO VW bus is a very close replica of the 1962 car model, and it is full of fun, funky realistic features and gadgets! This scale model includes the famous “v-shaped colour split”, the splitter safari windshield, a pop-up roof so you can see the inside, textile curtains, foldable furniture… 

It would be totally functional for a tiny family of hippie bees! (Wouldn’t that be super cool? Flower power bees !). This super cool model of a Volkswagen hippie van features over 1300 pieces, making it good for kids 16 and up as younger kids might end up swallowing one of the smaller pieces.

To summarize, this super cool Lego VW bus model is not only really detailed and accurate but also incredibly cute and it would make a great gift for anyone that is into the hippie lifestyle, classic cars, scale models or into being creative and building stuff with their hands that they can expose later!

9Expert Score

You can’t live in the VW model, but nothing stops you from enjoy a journey to the 1960s.

Value for money
Easy to assemble

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