Lightning Reaction Game Reloaded - Shocking

Do you remember that episode of The Simpsons where they go to therapy to try to mend their failures as a family, solve their differences and strengthen their bond… but they end up electroshocking the life out of each other? Ever wanted to do the same with your family or friends? Well, now you can with the lightning reaction game!

This amazing lightning reaction game will allow you to train your reflexes to be as sharp as they can while having fun zapping the other players! Just grab a handle from the base, press the centre button and wait for the red light to turn green… the last one to press the trigger gets shocked!

With a variable shock control to prevent accidents and injuries and a sturdy build, it won’t be crushed in case someone gets scared. To get start this game, this cool contraption needs 3 AAA batteries to work. As another disclaimer, this machine is not intended for young children, and kids 14 and under are discouraged from playing.

Turn your next birthday party into some crazy, friend-betraying fun, train your reflexes and your reaction time in a fun whacky manner, play pranks on your family or record one of the stupidest Youtube challenge videos ever with the lightning reaction game. However, be assured that this little lightning machine is going to add plenty of hilariously dumb hours of play to your life and make your friends, and family trust you much less after you trick them into being the ones getting the electric shock !

8.4Expert Score

Want to challenge your families and friends something crazy in a party?

Value for money
Material quality

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