LightSaber Chopsticks Star War Light Up Chopsticks

Star Wars has become a “classic saga”, probably one of the most well-known ones in our current pop culture. It is difficult to find someone who hasn’t seen at least one of the movies, and even those who haven’t will recognize Darth Vader, Yoda or the Death Stars at sight. If you happen to be a fan of the saga, you probably want to own the power of force, isn’t it? Then, meet the Lightsaber chopsticks.

This super cool, ingenious and fun novelty item is modelled after the lightsabers from Star Wars (duh !) and it comes in plenty of different colours and even in sets for all your chopsticks needs. They come with batteries, and a stopper for a non-nonsense experience (use them right as they arrive!) and the batteries are really simple to replace by simply unscrewing the screws.

The LEDs inside the lightsaber chopsticks are also really bright and low consuming so the batteries will last for a long time, and they can be turned on and off by simply pressing a button. Not only that, but the sets also come with a special discount so you can get matching chopsticks for you and your significant other, or for your friend group!

Become the coolest, nerdiest Star Wars fan by using these lightsaber chopsticks or gift them to someone you know that loves the saga! (Disclaimer: while these chopsticks work great for rice, they aren’t too good for sipping blue milk. You might want to find something else for that, instead)

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May the force be with you~

Easy to use
Light weight
Easy to hold

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