Linux Coffee Mug Linux Is User Friendly

Have one of those friends who is insanely crazy about Linux? Are you yourself one of those tech-savvy connoisseurs that can’t stop preaching about the amazing benefits of this Operating System as long as you know how to manage it? Need to gift a friend that is into a tech-heavy profession (web developer, coding, informatics…), and you have no idea what to get them? You are in luck as we have found you the solution: this really cool linux coffee mug! 

This Linux coffee mug features the Linux penguin in scowling at you and a funny slogan that all techies know to be true (trust me, I am a techie, I should know). This high-quality mug features not only very high-quality porcelain but a top-notch print made in a photographic lab and it is quite sturdy to prevent from it getting crushed mid-transport.

By the way, the entire mug has been glazed over two times to preserve the print so you can put it in the microwave, or wash it in the dishwasher without fears of damaging it! Standing at 4 inches tall and 3 inches diameter, it can hold about 11 oz. of the coffee web developers love so much.

All in all, this linux coffee mug is a really cool gift for any Linux-crazed techie to add to their probably already existing collection of Linux paraphernalia (no kidding, when someone is crazy about Linux they are REALLY CRAZY about Linux. Just pray they don’t already have this mug).

8.6Expert Score

Embrace the geek in you and grab this chic mug!

Microwave Safe
Geek Gift
Large capacity

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