Genuine Leather Magic Wallet

Have you ever wanted to be extremely elegant and classy even in the smallest details? Does your money always disappear in a magic way? Just need to renovate your wallet because yours is starting to fall apart, way too bulky due to too many cards, or even both? Then ready yourself to have your mind blown away by the coolest wallet you have ever seen: the magic wallet!

A magic wallet with great fun

For starters, we want to inform you that this is the coolest, most amazing wallet you will ever see and it will blow your mind: this super cool wallet is equipped with the innovative, fancy flap feature.

Put some money inside the wallet, close it and once it is closed the money will magically tuck itself away behind the straps! Isn’t that super cool! Surprise your friends, your kids, your nieces, and nephews… become an everyday wizard with this magnificent crazy fun item!

If you aren’t too interested in the magical part of the wallet, though, the wallet is still really fantastic when it comes to quality: made in Europe out of genuine Italian leather and calfskin, and dyed using natural materials like plants and minerals instead of many man-made chemicals for the highest quality you can get. It is so high quality that we can offer you a 3 years warranty on it.

An RFID-blocker magic wallet

Another fantastic feature of this wallet is that it is equipped with an RFID-blocker feature. This means that it blocks the radio frequencies that criminals equipped with chip-reading equipment can use to steal your personal data from your identity card or even your credit or debit cards.

This wallet has a special chip that blocks this type of radio-frequency readers so all your document and your cards are as safe as possible and no one can steal your identity.

Large storage

This magic wallet is also really cool due to the fact that it has 6 card slots inside and 2 more on the outside, providing room for up to 16 cards, and since the money is properly and neatly stacked inside the elastic straps it has the advantage of being extremely compact and reducing the space used to carry all your cards, meaning that this wallet will be much thinner and less bulky than your original one.

If you are done with how big and bulky your wallet is and want something small and light that you can carry in your pocket, then the magic wallet is the perfect option for you.

A magical wallet that serves as a perfect gift

All in all, this wallet is amazing and I can’t understand how there could be some people that don’t want one for themselves (come on, a magical wallet that tucks the money itself, how cool is that !) but it will especially beneficial for those wanting a small, compact wallet, a really high-quality wallet or those worried about criminals stealing their identity and credit card numbers.

As a small bonus, this wallet comes tucked in in a little, really elegant black gift box, so it is absolutely perfect to give to someone who would appreciate it!

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Large capacity
Magic trick

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