Magnetic Pen 2-In-1 Fidget Toy & Touch Screen Pen

Some of us absolutely love to fidget while we work. For some of us like those that have autism or ADHD, fidgeting is absolutely crucial if we want to properly concentrate and direct our energy in a proper manner towards the work, instead of having all this undirected energy distract us. In fact, trying to stop ourselves from fidgeting can have some unintended, harmful consequences! If you need to fidget to properly concentrate, this magnetic pen is about to turn your world upside down!

This magnetic pen is not just a pen, but it is a fidget toy that can be turned into an infinity of different fun shapes for a creative, diverse and satisfying fidgeting; and not only that but this pen features two heads so you can use it as a regular gel pen but also as a touchscreen stylus ! Including 13 magnetic pieces and 12 magnetic steel balls, this pen features a lot of different tiny pieces so it is not adequate for kids 12 and under as it can pose a health and choking hazard.

All in all, if you know someone that loves to fidget, need it to be as efficient as possible or simply does it without noticing because it keeps their fingers entertained, this amazing little magnetic pen is going to add a new entertainment to their (or yours!) workdays, study sessions, drawing practices, etc. etc. With this amazing pen, they will not only be able to concentrate but also have a lot of fun!

7.5Expert Score

Make sure you and your loved ones always have an endless fun and freedom with the magnetic pen.

Stress relief
Value for money

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