Makey Makey Games An Invention Kit for Everyone

Have you ever seen one of those YouTube videos where a dude plays Beethoven 9th Symphony with bananas instead of a piano? What about those ones where some dude plays Donkey Kong with bananas? Is there anything bananas can’t do!? We aren’t sure, but if you would like to replicate those videos we have something for you: the Makey Makey games invention kit!

This Makey Makey games kit includes all the stuff necessary to trick your computer into thinking ANYTHING is a keyboard (one Makey Makey HID board, 1 mini USB cable, 1 alligator clip pack and 1 jumper wire pack). Want to play Cooking Mama by slapping some fruits? Want to play Mario Maker by using Play-Doh?

Since the switch is highly conductive, you can use even materials that aren’t very conductive! Besides, no soldering is required, and the Makey Makey games can be used just by attaching the alligator clips to whatever you want to turn into buttons.

This incredibly cool set can, of course, not only be made to have fun playing banana pianos on Youtube videos, or playing Pokémon on a keyboard made out of Pokémon figurines on Twitch, but it would also make a perfect gift or educational toy to get kids and teenagers interested into science, technology and programming, and help them develop their creativity and wits while having fun.

You can rest assured that this fun Makey Makey games set will help your little scientists get interested in how to create more and more ridiculous keyboards, which might give birth to a lifelong love for invention.

7Expert Score

Turn everything you have on hand into a controller.

Easy to use
Value for money

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