15 Marvelous Marvel Gifts for Avengers Superfans In Your Life

A lot of people like to use contrasting dichotomies to define their personalities and tastes. Are you a morning person, or a night owl? Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla? Right-wing or left-wing? Beatles or Rolling Stones? DC comics, or Marvel? Let’s hope you just said Marvel, otherwise I don’t know how I’m supposed to relate to you on a basic human level. 

One thing all Marvel comics fans have in common is their love of the definitive minutiae in the Marvel Universe: the symbols, the mottoes, the props, the costumes, the inside jokes, So what better way to show the Marvel fan in your life that you really get them than to present them with one of these awesome Marvel gifts? Read on to find the perfect present for your favorite Marvel lover, and click through the links to purchase with the click of a button!

Best Marvel Gifts

Captain Marvel Single-Speed Fixie Style Bike

Who doesn’t want to feel like a superhero while riding to work? This Schwinn bike is a fixed gear model–simple and low-maintenance, so you’ll spend less time fussing with your ride and more time focusing on important matters, like saving the world from an intergalactic war (again). It has a lightweight frame, ideal for commuting, and is decorated in the Captain Marvel’s highly recognizable colors, shield, and crest symbols, so you’ll be guaranteed to turn heads as you weave your way through traffic. Just don’t be surprised if other commuters ask you to come to their rescue now and then!

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1:1 Arc Reactor

This collectible item makes a perfect gift for fans of Iron Man, honoring the source of power in all of Tony Stark’s suits of armor. Once assembled, this arc reactor can be remotely operated to glow at four different light levels, two of which blink like a racing or exhausted heartbeat to remind you that it isn’t just a cool gadget–it’s a life force.

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Thor Mjolnir Electronic Hammer

It’s hard not to feel like a superhero when you’re armed with one of the magically imbued weapons of a Norse God. This replica of Thor’s hammer is sure to be a hit with any Marvel fan. This full-size prop is perfect for cosplay, featuring a symbol of Odin that lights up at the sound of your voice. It also comes with its own stand, so it’s a great piece to keep on display with all the rest of your Marvel memorabilia. With this gift, you can summon the powers of Mjolnir without breaking a sweat.

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Ant-Man Helmet Prop Replica

Ant-Man may be the ultimate anti-hero of superheroes, but that doesn’t make him any less popular than the rest of the Avengers. Whether you prefer cosplay or collectibles, you can’t go wrong with this light-up Ant-Man helmet. It has an adjustable fit, so it can be worn by adults of any size (in the Ant-Man universe, it may be necessary to clarify that this means standard, unshrunken human size) and is a perfect way to complete any Ant-Man costume.

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Tesseract Stone

We could all use a source of unlimited energy now and then, right? This Infinity Stone replica makes a perfect gift for any Marvel fan since it has played a major role in the stories of so many Marvel superheroes. It’s battery-operated to produce a convincing other-worldly blue glow and makes a gorgeous piece of home decor that can be appreciated even by the members of your household who don’t care much for Marvel–though why you’d choose to cohabitate with such people is beyond me.

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Captain America Shield

Who’s more iconic than Captain America? This full-size shield emblazoned with Captain America’s logo will make you feel truly invincible. It comes outfitted with two adjustable straps to secure the shield to your forearm, keeping your hands free for whatever miscellaneous nazi-fighting activities you might have on your agenda on a given day. It makes an excellent finishing touch for a captain costume or a fun piece of room decor.

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Eye of Agamotto Light-up Metal Necklace

Here’s another great gift for Marvel fans who want to have their very own Infinity Stone. This carved metal Eye of Agamotto pendant has a glowing green faux stone at its center, so it really pops as part of a Doctor Strange costume. It’s a bit large for everyday wear, but it comes in a beautiful, intricately carved storage box, so it makes a nice display collectible item when you’re not in cosplay mode. 

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Avengers Superhero 3D Printed Hoodies

This Avengers Hoodie is great for cosplay, but stylish enough for everyday wear, too! Whether you choose a pullover or zip-up style, the design is unisex and lightweight, so it’ll be a perfect fit for Marvel fans of any age or gender identity. 

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Marvel Trivia Box Card Game

I can’t think of a better way to bond with your fellow Marvel fans than to play this trivia game! Ideal for 2-4 players, this game is suitable for kids and adults. With hundreds of obscure trivia questions, this is a gift that’s sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. Even the most die-hard Marvel fan is likely to find a few new and surprising facts here! 

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Captain Marvel Inspired Premium Smartwatch

Cosplay may not be appropriate for your everyday routine, but with this Captain Marvel smartwatch, you can honor your fandom and identify yourself to fellow Marvel lovers while still flying under the radar. The chic and subtle design is perfectly appropriate to wear in the office, so it’s a wonderful gift for Marvel fans of any age or degree of professionalism. It comes loaded with all the classic benefits of a smartwatch, like fitness tracking and smart-pay options, but also includes tons of Marvel themed extras that are sure to take you “higher, further, faster.”

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MK33 Centurion Figure

The level of detail in this limited edition collectible figure will blow you away! The scaled replica of Iron Man’s Silver Centurion suit comes with lots of interchangeable armor pieces and LED light-up function in the eyes and chest. It measures a foot in height and comes with a sleek circular stand to prevent damage. This makes a perfect addition to that Marvel shrine that I know you’re building in your house (don’t deny it–there’s no shame in it when they make action figures this good).

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Captain America Herringbone Backpack

This backpack has everything a Marvel fan could want in terms of style, durability, and functionality. It’s large enough to hold a 15-inch laptop, and has plenty of pockets to store all your gadgets, whether those include regular items like phone and keys, or superhero gear like a flame thrower or a set of magnetic gloves. Though clearly a nod towards the popular Avenger, the design is definitely geared more towards adults than children, and it’s built to last. Best of all, while the price of freedom may be high, the price of this backpack is totally reasonable. This is a gift Marvel fanatics are sure to appreciate.

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Black Panther T'Challa Pendant Necklace

Let’s face it, we all know that one friend who’s obsessed with comic books. While they may not be turning into a superhero any time soon, you can give them the next best thing with this Black Panther cosplay necklace. This nifty piece of jewelry is made from a zinc alloy and comes with a black leather cord so they can look the part. Better yet, if you happen to have a geeky partner this could also double up as an ideal romantic marvel gift to show them that you care.

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Iron Man Electronic Helmet

If the Tony Stark glasses or other marvel gifts were a little too subtle for your taste, then its time to suit up! You no longer need to be a billionaire to put on the suit – anyone can become America’s favorite superhero. With a sleek finishing and light-up eyes, this helmet can take any Iron Man costume to the next level. If you know a geeky fan whose Marvel collection is lacking a certain iron mask, this is definitely the one you’ll want to pick. Save your loved one’s special day with the perfect gift!

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Tony Stark & Peter Parker Edith Glasses

Affordable, well-made, and available in numerous styles, these beautiful lenses mirror those donned by man beneath the iron suit. These glasses could be the perfect finishing touch to any Tony Stark cosplay but are also attractive enough to be worn from day to day. They’re a subtle nod to the MCU for fans unable to build their own robotic suit. The glasses come with a number of nice features included such as the leather glasses case, cleaning cloth and more, and are obviously packaged with consideration and care.

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