Men’s Wigs The Bobcat Mullet Wig for Cosplay Parties

Ever wanted to be a redneck? Going to a costume party and not sure want to wear? Have you always wanted to grow mullet men’s wigs, but you were too embarrassed to try, Well, we are going to show you something that is going to make your life much, much funnier: the Bobcat Mullet wig!

Coming in three different colors to match your natural hair and with 7″ inches of crazy, fun, wavy mullet this half men’s wig is all you need to turn your regular hairstyle into the redneck-iest of them all! Featuring a headband in red, white, and blue so you can unleash all the American spirit on you like a rowdy wild eagle across the skies of Alabama, baby!

For washing instructions, just put it in a big vat where you have added some fabric softener, pat it dry with a towel to remove the excess moisture and then let it air dry to allow the locks to fall back into place by themselves! Rest assured that this mullet wig is made out of high-quality materials, so even if you wash or brush, it won’t lose a crazy amount of hair or start losing shape.

If you are tired of the ordinary men’s wigs, take this mullet wig to the next Donald Trump rally for some giggles, wear it as a part of your redneck costume, put it on during your next frat party and behave like the overtly loud, crazy American or simply wear it in front of the mirror for fun!

7.9Expert Score

This mullet wig is perfect for a dirty santa gift exchange game with friends and family.

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