Mighty Mug: The Mug That Won’t Fall

If you have ever overturned your glass and covered yourself in water, tea or even worse, a fizzy drink ( Oh God, why are they so sticky!?) you have probably thought that it is about time someone invents a spill-proof glass that can’t be overturned. If you have clumsy toddlers that tend to overturn their glasses carelessly or the proverbial cat that likes to throw things off the counter to piss you off, we have found a perfect solution for you: the mighty mug.

What can mighty mug benefit us?

Anti spillage: The mighty mug features an amazing anti spillage system that makes it pop back right back up when knocked so you don’t have to worry about accidents: they just won’t happen. Use it as your toddler’s new favorite sippy cup, or… your drunk friends’ new favorite sippy cup (we all know drunk people are just like big toddlers anyways). This can also be a great gift for both coworkers and old parents with disabilities that impede mobility or gripping properly, such as Alzheimer’s or cerebral palsy.

Leak-proof: In addition to this, the lid of this amazing contraption has a leak-proof system to prevent spillage, so not only is perfect for the people already mentioned: toss it in your bag or backpack and be sure you won’t come back to a leaky dirty mess.

Warm keeping: This mug is also perfect for students that need to take their drink to college, those on the go or anyone who needs to keep their drink with them. The vacuum-sealed cup and copper lined insulation this cup comes with guarantees that your hot drink will stay hot for at least 6 hours, and your cold drink will still be chilly after an entire day!

So add to the arsenal of people who can benefit from this mug people that like to travel often, either to the beach or to go play with the snow, and could use either a hot or cold drink during their trip; but also workers who have a short lunch break and no way to access microwaves and/or fridges: pop some soup or some lemonade into the cup, be sure it’ll be at the same temperature you want it to be by lunchtime!

Easy to use: Even more awesome: the mighty mug offers a 360 drinking feature so you can drink from any part along the lid, so it is also perfect for those that can’t spend too much time trying to find out and open the lid on their coffee from a chain store brand: with this mug, press a button and drink from anywhere along the lid. Great for people that are driving or those that are really focused on their computer work!

At this point, it might be best to ask ourselves “is there anyone who can’t benefit from using the mighty mug?” Once you start using it, you won’t want to ever see a regular mug again!


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