17 Best Military Gifts For People Who Have Served That Don’t Suck

Anyone who serves in the military will know that this is not just a job – it is a way of life. Even after years of leaving the forces, military men and women will live by the same values and have fond memories of those that they served with. If you know someone who is currently in the military or has served in the past, then look no further than the list below to discover the best military gifts the internet has to offer.

Best Military Gifts

The Bushcraft Necklace

When out in the wilderness, there are many reasons that one might need to start a fire – food, warmth, entertaining, etc. However, even with the best military survival techniques, even the likes of Bear Grylls might struggle from time to time. Thanks to the Bushcraft fire starter necklace, this won’t be a problem anymore! Not only is this necklace functional, but it also looks fantastic and is ideal for any type of person whether male or female, big or small. 

According to maker Wazoo Survival Gear, this cool little accessory is a combination of traditional “Flint & Steel” methods and present technology. The necklace features a ceramic scraper made from 100% white zirconia, strong and durable meaning that this makes for a unique and wonderful military gift that will keep on giving and last your outdoor adventurer a lifetime. The necklace is tied with adjustable and secure knots making sure that it will never become lost and is super lightweight making it easy to transport.

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The Definitive Visual Guide to the Objects of Warfare

For anyone who has a passion for all things relating to the military, education is key. It’s great to be able to see things first hand but for those times when the military lover is in the comfort of their own home, this detailed book will prove invaluable. The book details everything from weapons to vehicles through to hardware used by the military, all with beautiful illustrations making this a book that is accessible to every level of reader. 

The reader can learn about every advancement seen throughout history, showing just how far the military has come over the years. On top of this, the book pays special attention to new developments too. There is a choice of purchasing this as a paperback, hardback, or even as a digital download. What a great addition to the bookshelf of a soldier.

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Air Force Coin Knife

This antique nickel knife is a gift that is truly unique. Not only does the knife look beautiful with its two shiny, highly decorative coins which also serve as a handle but it is also like nothing your military friend or family member will have ever seen before. Decorated with a US Air Force theme, the military man or woman will be proud to carry this as a handy tool and will be the talk of all their military friends. Besides, the knife is sharp, useful, and can be easily stored or carried. The blades are made from extremely tough and durable stainless steel meaning that this is a knife which will serve for a lifetime.

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Torpedo Ballpoint Pen

Every military man or woman needs a piece of writing equipment that is reliable and long-lasting and that is where this incredibly beautiful torpedo pen comes in and saves the day. Intricately designed to combine technology with sleek aesthetics, this is a pen that will quickly become a favorite. The pen comes in the shape of the first-ever propelled torpedo and no detail is left ignored. The pens come in a variety of forms, either ballpoint, fountain, or rollerball and if you purchase the exclusive range, the pens can be engraved using 18-carat gold, giving that all-important personal touch. If all of that wasn’t enough, the pens come highly acclaimed and have been recommended by such publications as Esquire and The New York Times.

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Cardboard Samurai Costume

The ancient Samurai is probably one of the most intriguing and respected military men in the world. One doesn’t even need to have served in the military to understand the discipline and dedication of the Samurai and being able to play the part, even if for a short time can be a true honor. This detailed and true to life Samurai costume makes for one of the most interesting and unique military gifts on this list. What could bring more pleasure? The costume is made from quality red and gold materials, giving a life-like image of being a Samurai and will fit military men up to a height of 180cm. Ideal for role-playing activities or costume parties!

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FLIR Handheld Thermal Imaging Monocular

Whilst this is one of the more high end and pricey military gifts on our list, it certainly gives you a bang for your buck! No longer will the military man or woman have to struggle exploring in the dark. This handy and compact monocular will give perfect vision even in the darkest of settings. This is an invaluable tool which comes in extremely useful when trying to find your way through dark environments and uses heat sensitivity to determine exactly what is in your path.

Not only will this tool be invaluable in keeping the user safe from potential danger but it is also seriously durable but also lightweight, making it easy to carry wherever they go. With up to 5 hours of use from a single charge, the military person will never be lost again.

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EST Gear Survival Shovel

The ultimate military gift comes in the form of this amazing multi tool, posing primarily as a shovel. But don’t let that deceive you! Not only will this tool allow you to dig your way out of a tricky situation but it will also provide you with the following tools: bottle opener, fire starter, hoe, wire cutter, wrenches, nail puller, ice pick, ruler and a hook. The gift recipient will never need anything else again!

The tool is made from carbon steel making it one of the most durable pieces of equipment on the planet, it comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee – they are that sure of their product! Despite being as durable as it is, the EST shovel is lightweight and compact allowing it to be taken of a variety of excursions from camping and fishing to hiking and military missions.

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G.I. Joe Cologne

Surprise your special someone with a scent worthy of an America’s hero: G.I. Joe. While many cologne’s can be overpowering or unappealing, G.I. Joe Cologne is a carefully concocted mixture sure to satisfy your own personal hero. Natural woodsy and citrus scents come together in this unique blend, resulting in a satisfying cologne your favorite G.I. will reach for day after day. It comes packaged in a rugged canvas pouch and includes a cool dog tag, completing the military look to a tee.

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Flagrant Beard Havoc Neck Knife

For a military man or woman, weapon proficiency is a given. Even a trained pro is only as good as their tool, though, and in day to day life your loved one might not have access to a military quality blade. The Neck Knife is the perfect stand-in. A small, single-handed blade that is easy to stash away, it is good for day to day use or as a last line of defense in the case of an emergency. To the military man or woman searching for peace of mind, this cool knife is a simple, aesthetically pleasing gift that your loved ones can be proud to call their own.

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Black Bullet Casing Bracelet

A gun holds a special place in the hearts of many a military veteran. If your loved one recalls their old firearms with fondness, the Bullet Bracelet is a beautiful gift to honor their days in the field or on the shooting range. Made with genuine bullet casings and heavy-duty black nylon weaving, every bracelet is a quality display of fine craftsmanship up to the burden of daily wear and tear. This unisex bracelet is a stunning homage to the bond between a military man or woman and their gun.

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Gerber Center-Drive Multi-Tool

Out in the field or in the daily life, you never know what challenges life is going to throw at you. Those in the military know better than anyone the value of a sturdy, reliable all-in-one tool capable of plowing through any obstacle. That is why your loved one is sure to appreciate the Multi-Tool and multi-functional gift that is up to any job. Featuring a blade, screwdriver, pliers, bottle opener, and so much more, this Multi-Tool ensures that nothing will ever stand between your military hero and the mission at hand ever again. When not in use, the entire device folds to a mere 5-inch tool, allowing it to easily slip into a jacket pocket, a purse, or a glove compartment hassle-free.

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Mexican Army Cipher Wheel

Whether your loved one is looking to crack some serious codes or simply appreciates a well-crafted testament to military technology of days past, the Army Cipher Wheel delivers. This gift, featuring numerous laser engraved alder wheels, harks back to the early 1900’s during the US-Mexican conflict. For those with a fascination for military history, this historical decoder is a fun, interactive gift capable of bringing this country’s rich history to life. At only 6″ in diameter, the wheel fits nicely into any home as a reminder of how far technology has come in the last century.

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Mini Napoleon Cannon Model

If the ring encryption device sparks a passion for history, this next gift is sure to provide some explosive fun! The Mini Napoleon Cannon is a bite-sized replica of the iconic Napoleon cannon, right down to its firing power. Load up the powder keg of this 5-inch cannon, light the fuse, and enjoy the show of power this amazing gift has to offer! Those with an interest in early military combat or with a love for plain, simple fun will get a kick out of testing the capabilities of this sleek, stylish miniature weapon.

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Pocket Shot PRO Arrow Kit

The military is often on the cutting edge of technological and weapon development, so it’s only natural that your military hero should want to explore the capabilities of the unique new Pocket Shot Arrow Kit. An ingenious upgrade to the dated bow and arrow design, this mini arrow kit is a powerful tool for hunting or for target practice. Each set includes the Pocket Shot itself, 3 gorgeous arrow packages, and all the pieces your loved one will need to get outside and firing away.

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The World's Smallest LED Flashlight

You can’t always predict when you’ll need a flashlight, and neither can your loved ones in the military. For that reason, having a small but mighty flashlight on hand at all times can be a powerful, potentially life-saving gift. The Bullet Flashlight, as the name suggests, is only the size of a bullet; regardless, its powerful beam can shine over 1 mile, an ideal feature in the case of an emergency. Simply have your loved one slip this mini flashlight onto their key chain and wherever they go, you can rest easy knowing the path before them is bright.

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M48 Cyclone Fixed Blade Knife

A good gift should be eye-catching, original, and well-considered. Of course, being just impressively cool is a great bonus. Fortunately, the Blade Knife is all of the above. This stainless steel blade, complete with a reinforced handle, skull-crusher pommel, and durable steel guard, will leave your military men and women with wide eyes and agape mouths as they take in the incredible twisted craftsmanship before them. The elegant silver and black color scheme is the ultimate compliment to this detailed, carefully crafted blade unlike any other. For your loved ones in the military, no gift is more visually and technically impressive as the one of a kind form of the Blade Knife.

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