Minecraft Sword Diamond Sword from Minecraft

Minecraft has become the go-to game for the younger generations: with not too complicated dynamics, attainable goals and a fun environment it’s no wonder the kids love it so much. It has infiltrated mainstream culture so much that it is not difficult to find t-shirts, costumes, toys and other things with a Minecraft theme in supermarkets! If you’ve got yourself a little Minecraft fan or if you are into Minecraft yourself, you absolutely would love this Diamond Minecraft Sword.

This Minecraft sword is made out of foam (unlike the game’s counterpart), so it will be completely safe when your kids play with it. Made out of safe yet sturdy material, this sword will keep its shape and not break even if the kids play a bit rough with it, and it is really lightweight despite its size which means you or your kids can carry it anywhere without getting tired.

If you like, it can be mounted to a wall for decoration really simply, by using barely any materials (you can in fact just glue it to the wall, and it will be OK). This could be a perfect addition for a Minecraft Diamond armour costume (or any Minecraft costume).

This foam Minecraft sword will delight any fan of the game, no matter their age. It doesn’t matter if you want it to play with, for all your costuming needs or even to decorate your room with, this Minecraft replica sword will be the perfect gift for your kids, your friends or even for yourself !

7.6Expert Score

Arm yourself with a 60 cm long diamond sword.

Value for money

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