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If you have ever wanted to behave like a rich a-hole and make it rain as if there was no tomorrow, then you are in luck as we have the perfect invention for you: the “make it rain” money gun, so you don’t have to get your hands dirty touching the very same money dirty peasants like us might have touched.

This incredibly funny and cool gun can be fed over 100 bills of one dollar so you can make it rain without having to touch a single bill (and without breaking the bank), and making it work is simpler than the mechanism of a pacifier: put four AA batteries on the right side of the gun, lift the cover open, place the money on the allocated spot, pull the trigger and go to town.

And for those that can’t really afford to make it rain, the gun comes with fake bills so you can practice for the day you are richer than Jeff Bezos! This cool gun is also safe for kids, without any small pieces that might be swallowed. And it’s made out of sturdy, reliable materials that can deal with some rough treatment.

To conclude, it is perfect for both adults and kids who would like to play rich people, an amazing gift for bachelor and bachelorette parties, a great addition to weddings and a really funny gift for the office’s next Secret Santa (specially if you are the boss. Just imagine going into the meeting room, in a Santa Costume and with one of this, and just shooting dollar bills around without saying a single word)

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Don't throw money around, make them fly through the air.

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