Morphsuits ugly christmas sweater

Christmas is rapidly approaching, and you probably can already hear the bells jingling and ring tingle tingling too. Depending on how much of a Christmas lover you are, either you are starting to prepare, or you already started listening to carols in July, and your anticipation is sky-high. No matter which type you are, you probably enjoy partaking in fun and dumb traditions just like anybody else: for your next ugly Christmas sweater party, we want to introduce you to this one.

This ugly Christmas sweater will put you right into the Christmas mood with its festive colours, and by reminding you of the insane heartburn, you are going to get by eating too much. Not only that, but the fireplace in this little sweater is not static! The inside of the sweater comes with a little pouch you can insert your phone in, so if you want a moving, changing fireplace the only thing you need is to download the app, insert your phone in the pouch and let the animation do its thing! 

In addition, this sweater will not be as itchy as the ones your dear Grandma used to knit you: this sweater is made out of 100% polyester for maximum comfort, and it can only be hand washed as not to damage it (be sure to take the phone out of the pouch first !).

If you love Christmas traditions and want to be the funniest person at your next Christmas party, this ugly Christmas sweater is the one for you! (It’s also great if you want to look like a Teletubbie with a fireplace instead of a TV)

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