Motiv Ring – The Best Fitness Tracker On the Market

The key to improving your health is monitoring. If you aren’t carefully tracking your baselines, then the chances are good that you’re not getting as much out of your health regimen as you could be. Smart health tracking technology is useful for recording physiological functioning, but you don’t want to be toting about clunky, unappealing computers as you go about your day. So, what’s a fitness fanatic to do?

Motiv is the “all-a-round” best fitness tracker on the market. Replace your outdated, oversized pedometer for a sleek little ring with the power to reinvent your exercise routine! Despite its miniature, unobtrusive form, the Motiv ring records fitness with the best of them. More accurate than pen and paper and more convenient than a monitor, this ring makes 24/7 fitness monitoring a walk in the park.

Motiv Ring – The Best Fitness Tracker On the Market

Slim and waterproof, wearing the Motiv ring full-time is no challenge. The results of this constant monitoring are undeniable, though, as the digital log provides you all the information you need to assess your current health. Measure your fitness, your sleep quality, and your general well-being during day to day life, and discover what you could be doing to get more out of your fitness plan. Simple, minimalist design available in 7 different sizes ensures that Motiv fits every gym rat and every wardrobe to a tee.

Each charge of the Motiv ring lasts an impressive 3-days uninterrupted. Once the power does run out, this energy-efficient ring requires a mere 90-minutes to recharge, minimizing any interruption to your health log. Why not use that time to explore the corresponding Motiv app on your iOS or Android phone, or set a few new fitness goals based on your collected data? Not a moment needs to go to waste.

With free shipping and a 1-year warranty, Motiv ensures that getting your ring and keeping it on your finger is a simple, affordable matter. With so many sizes, 3 unique color options, and countless uses, there’s no excuse to delay ordering your own ring. After all, if you like your body, then you’ve got to put the ring on it!