Mouse Rug 2 Pack Persian Desk Rug

If you have always wanted to own a super cool, luxurious Persian rug but you don’t have the ludicrous amount of money needed for one… what about the best second thing? We would like to introduce you to the Persian rug mouse rug!

If you are of age and have moved out of your parents’ house, it is likely that you’ve heard about the amazing, expensive, rare and luxurious Persian carpets: they are incredibly soft, they are cool, they come in many colours… In fact, they are so famous that it is likely that you have heard of them even if you haven’t moved out.

This funny, witty Persian mouse rug will provide your mouse with the coolest, softest, most luxurious mousepad ever. This mousepad has a high quality as the carpet is modelled after, and the material is soft, with a high-quality print, too. So you don’t have to worry about the oils of your skin damage it.

Besides, the smooth gliding surface will work with any type of mouse. Spaning 9 x 7 inches, it is the perfect size for regular, classic mouses and it comes in packs of 2, so you can have a replacement for when you get bored of your regular one or send them as gifts for friends!

Get this fun, ingenious Persian mouse rug to provide your mouse with the highest quality, most luxurious imitation carpet ever. But you can also use it for many other things! How about using it to decorate a dollhouse, or to interpret A Whole New World with your Aladdin figurines?

8.6Expert Score

This is not just a mouse rug, this is a piece of art.

Smooth glide surface
Perfect size

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