Never Have I Ever Party Game

Never Have I Ever is all about comical, never-before-made revelations and uproarious laughter with good friends.

Remove all the Rule Cards from the box and place them on the table. Deal 10 Play Cards to each player and leave the remaining cards in the box. The person starting the game picks a Rule Card from the pile, reads the directions aloud, and places it face up, on the table.

The Rule Card explains what the players must do for the round, so hopefully everyone is listening. If you can’t play a Rule Card, take another one until you can.

If you are guilty of a Play Card, you win it and get to keep it face up, on the table in front of you – your ”wall of shame”. If you aren’t guilty of the Play Card, you add it to the discard pile.

Remember, first person to get 10 Play Cards wins. Congratulations. You make horrible life decisions.

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Turn your poor life decisions and ugly memories into winning points

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