Never Have I Ever Party Card Game

Love drinking games? Are you a fan of ludicrous, preposterous card games that make you lose it laughing like Cards Against Humanity? Do you Love Never Have I ever, but at some point, you are way too drunk to come up with good questions (we’ve all been there)? 

Do you want to be the sensation of your next family party and embarrass yourself, your grandma and make your mother severely disappointed in you? Then we have something that you are going to love: Never Have I Ever, the card game. 

For those that want to hear some hilariously ridiculous stories about their family and friends, challenge everything they thought they knew about their loved ones, embarrass themselves and disappoint their close ones and anyone that can hear.

And yet you might be too drunk to remember the next morning that your mother admitted to having sex in a port-a-potty during a heavy metal concert, this hilarious card game will make you laugh your ass off while forcing you to remember some of the most awkward, embarrassing stories you have ever experienced ! (It’s OK though, you will be too drunk to care)

8.6Expert Score

Behind these cards are some memories waiting to be told.

Value for money

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