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Being a new father is probably the most daunting task a man can confront: taking care of a small, helpless life that is completely at your mercy can make you feel afraid, lost and in desperate need for more wisdom. If you are looking for some new dad gifts for someone who is about to be a father, we have something perfect for those moments of doubt: Dad’s Playbook.

This book has been written with new dad’s in mind: full of quotes from other famous dads that are role models and mentors, and it compiles the wisdom of dads like John Madden, Phil Jackson, Tommy Lasorda or Vine Lombardi, among others. Featuring little stories next to full-colour pictures to help new dads get their head on the game, this little book will put you in the mindset that you and your children are a team that need to work together towards a common goal: becoming the best persons you can be.

Written in an understandable and distended language that makes constant sports references, this book is not only one of the most educational but also the most funny new dad gifts, and its compact size make it perfect for coffee tables or nightstands whenever you need a quick reminder to help step up your strategy. 

This Dad’s Playbook can be perfect as part of a set of new dad gifts or as an inspirational or parenting book, whether for yourself, your husband, your dad-to-be friend. When it comes to parenthood, all the wisdom we can amass is never enough, so adding this book to your collection is a great first step to prepare for the amazing experience.

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This is going to be a hit for any new or soon-to-be dad.

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