Ninox Flatlay Hammock Next Evolution of Air Camp

We’ve all been there, right? Just trying to get out and connect with nature but never really getting any sleep. We wake up feeling like a caveman when we sleep on the ground, or like a banana when we sleep in a hammock. So here today, we decided to introduce you the flattest laying camping hammock.

Meet the Ninox hammock. it’s the next evolution of air camp. the flat lay hammock allows you to sleep however you want, and wherever you want, with supreme comfort. After 25 designs in search of the flattest lay, It’s finally possible for you to lay on your back, your side, or even your stomach, comfortably suspended in the air.

To create this ultra-flat lay, Ninox started with the pattern of the hammock body rather than sewing up a rectangular piece of fabric like everyone else. The wave-shaped pattern naturally creates a space for your head and your feet, so you actually lay flat.

Nevertheless, laying flat is just the beginning. To further increase the laying comfort, Ninox developed a new fabric known as Tesla on three. it feels silky smooth and cradles you with cloud-like softness. Meanwhile, it’s 20% lighter than our original Tesla and fabric.

Ninox Flatlay Hammock Next Evolution of Air Camp | Geartry

Yet it’s incredibly strong. In fact, the weight capacity goes up to over 1,500 pounds. Another good thing is that Ninox comes with a spacious insect shield to protect you from insects. and the symmetric tie spreads out to each corner give you the room to spread out and the freedom to lay in any direction.

It’s also removable so you can enjoy that panoramic view. In the meantime, the complexity has been taken out of the camping gear to make the Ninox completely knotless and incredibly easy. It sets up in seconds and the entire hammock weighs less than 22 ounces.

Also, to complete this system a waterproof rain fly and a gear stash has been created specifically for the Ninox. However, each coin has two sides, the Ninox Flat Lay Hammock has its disadvantages too.

For one thing, we have to admit that Ninox is indeed a cool gadget as a camping hammock, but we also have to take price into consideration when reviewing a product. The price for the Ninox flat lay hammock seems to be not that friendly, but if you are really into it, we have to admit that it’s worthy.

In Addition to that, since the Ninox team has a high requirement for the quality of material in the supply chain, if the material doesn’t meet the high-quality control specifications it will have to be redone. which could cause an unforeseen delay.


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