No Phone – The World’s Least Advanced Smartphone Ever

Do you have a friend that is habitually glued to their phone, posting Instagram updates left and right every time you try to go on an outing with them? A partner that pays no attention to you at all, continually looking at their screen whenever you are on a romantic date? The No phone offers a perfect solution.

This phone features a sleek, thin design that is almost transparent and as light as air for easy of use… OK, we are lying, there is, actually, no phone. The least advanced phone in the world, without a headphone jack, no operating system, no battery, and no features… because there is in fact, no phone.

There are 3 different versions: the No Phone air, the No Phone original, and the No Phone selfie. You might have a smartphone, and you probably are visiting our website through your phone. But No Phone here, represent a concept, it represents a thought.

Some people might be a little bit too attached to the smart devices. For example, usually people came to dinner or some kind of gathering, they played phones, they got trapped and locked into these smart devices. People even use it as a crutch, and they had nothing to say but dive over there. What’s more, your friends have to depend on you to have something to say.

It’s for this reason that No Phone Air is born. I have seen people from every corner of the universe still locked into that thing hypnotically. That’s the nicotine! And because you don’t have a needle in your arm doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

The No Phone is a fake phone designed for people who are addicted to real phones. With a tiny, light and invisible design, it feels like nothing in your hand, because it is nothing in your hand!

This incredibly small and lightweight phone is also toilet bowl resistant and incredibly easy to lose (and yet, incredibly easy to find: you are surrounded by it at all times, which makes it really helpful for people that keep losing their phone too).

To conclude, the No Phone is a stupid product, but that’s what makes it interesting. A fun gag gift to make fun of those that can’t put the phone down for 5 seconds and actually concentrate on what is going on around them.


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