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11 Pairs of Women’s Novelty Socks That Will Make Her Say WOW

It has become fairly fashionable recently to wear funky, outrageous, yet funny socks: even if no one is going to see them, they are a funny way to express your personality and have a little fun and color in your day, especially for those of you who are forced to comply with a strict dress code in the workplace (wearing a suit feels much better when you know you are wearing rainbow socks under your pants). How about spicing up your outfit with these novelty socks?

If you love crazy novelty socks, we carry all sorts of socks to fit all your needs: from the cute and small ones to the hilarious, funny and tongue in cheek ones, and to the crazy colorful ones. Whatever your taste in socks might be, we do our best to ensure not only that you stay comfortable, cozy and warm, but also that the socks won’t run, fray or fall apart after a couple of wears. So, without any ado, check out our wide selection of funny socks and we promise you are going to find something for you!

Novelty Socks

1. Sneaker Socks That Pretend to Be Shoes

Sneaker Socks That Pretend to Be ShoesThis funny sneaker socks pack comes with one red pair and one black pair that are both completely machine washable and made out of 85% cotton, 10% polyester and 5% elastic for the most comfortable fit and soft feeling against your skin. Not only that but they will fit adult sizes 5 to 11, so you don’t have to worry about them fitting you as they probably will.

As the printing and materials are high quality, you don’t need to worry about these novelty socks hurting your skin, the dye running or the print going away: they are made to last just like the shoe they are modelled after! (And as the cherry on top they are amazingly cool and stylish !)

No matter if you are a retired skater, a businessman or woman with love for sneakers, or someone who loves funny socks and likes to use them to lazy around the house, these sneaker socks are about to kick your cool up a notch!


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2. Skinners Socks Minimalist Barefoot Sock Shoes

Skinners Socks Minimalist Barefoot Sock ShoesIf you work out a lot or do sports often, it’s really likely that you have already had problems with too thick socks that absorb too much sweat and become abrasive and painful, or too thin socks that break after a couple of us leaving your feet unprotected. It is really difficult to find a sock that allows for everything that you need: reliability, good mobility, good sweat absorption… Luckily, we have done the work and found the perfect funny workout socks just for you: the Skinners Socks.

This amazing sock is not only incredibly lightweight, but it has been created to merge the best features of both socks and shoes, this is why it is so lightweight, soft, comfortable and provides great mobility, yet also allows for protection and reliability, like a shoe.

This mix of sock and shoe also adapts to your feet, allowing you to feel whatever you are stepping on, while still being really safe and thick so as to replace conventional shoes. Skinners socks could be a great gift for kids that love to play outside or those who tend to workout without shoes but still need to be protected!

As the old saying goes, Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, Skinners socks perfectly illustrate the concept. Freedom, Protection, and Portability, people will be surprised to see how something so simple can be so durable. Say goodbye to lug around those heavy boots all day.


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3. If You Can Read This Socks

If You Can Read This SocksIf you have a wine aunt, you know how insanely funny and sarcastic they can be: always the life of the party, cracking jokes and making ingenious yet good hearted and harmless roasts out of everybody’s life decisions, wine aunts might be the most chill, most relaxed and easygoing of all the members of the family.

If you are especially chummy with your aunt and want to give her a gift that will delight her this Christmas, look no further because we have found you the Holy Grail: we would like to introduce you to the novelty “If you can read this bring me some wine” socks.

The “if you can read this socks” are not only stupidly funny, but they are also really comfortable to wear: made out of premium, the high quality combed cotton, these novelty socks are really soft and durable. While they come in a standard size only, they have several different colors to fit your gifting needs. 

An amazing gag gift and a great conversation starter, you can be sure that while taking your shoes off and putting your feet on the table might be considered rude, no one is going to care as soon as they read the inscription as they will be too busy laughing.

And the funny socks even come in a special, wine bottle-shaped gift box, to boot! They make an excellent present for any kind of occasion and for just about anyone: wine aunts, funny moms, workmates, dads, white elephant, or even for bachelor or bachelorette parties!


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4. Japanese Sushi Socks Set

Japanese Sushi Socks SetIf you are a millennial, it is likely that you are bananas for sushi: a food that used to be considered exotic, weird and almost yucky has turned into a commonplace delicacy that most people adore, and it’s not difficult to find: it has almost become the go-to fancy food of choice for nights in with the friends. If you are really crazy about sushi, we are going to revolutionize your life: here come the sushi novelty socks!

This cute, funny sushi socks came in a little takeout box and folded up neatly to perfectly resemble your regular order of sushi. This box contains 3 pairs of socks in different styles: Tamago, salmon nigiri, and cucumber to fit the tastes of any sushi aficionado.

Besides, these novelty socks are made out of high quality, super-soft cotton so you can rest assured they will be as comfortable as they can be, and the print is also extremely high quality, so don’t worry about it running, disappearing, piling or getting lint. The sushi socks also come in a wide variety of sizes to fit any kind of fit, so don’t worry about them fitting you, either: they do make your size.

This “look so good you could eat them” funny socks are also amazing for gifts: for your sister that is obsessed with sushi, your best friend that is a Japanophile, the workmate that is really into gag gifts or just about anybody else because we can promise these novelty socks can and will make anybody smile!


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5. Pizza Socks 1 Pair Unisex Cotton Socks

Pizza Socks 1 Pair Unisex Cotton SocksAre you crazy about pizza? Like, absolutely bananas about it? Would you give just about anything for almost everything in your life to be made of pizza? Well, I’m not a genie, so I can’t really give you that, but would you settle for the second-best thing? Meet the interesting pizza socks! (Disclaimer: These novelty socks are not actually made out of pizza. As delicious as they might look, put them in your FEET, not in your MOUTH) 

This fun, cute, realistic pizza socks are so cute and well made that you could just eat them up (please DON’T). Made out of a blend of cotton, polyamide, and elastane, not only will these stretchy novelty socks fit your fit perfectly without being too tight, but they will be incredibly comfortable, soft, warm, and cozy: do not worry about seams bothering you.

The design is not printed on top of the cloth, but it is a part of it, so don’t worry about it running, getting undone or going away either because these pizza socks are so high quality they will last you a lifetime (unlike a real pizza).

The novelty pizza socks also come in a several different sizes to be able to fit just about anyone and to top it all, they come in sets of 4 in different “flavors” (pepperoni, capriccioso, Hawaiian and Italian) inside a little tiny super cute pizza box to make a super cool, fun, lovely gift that the gifted person will have trouble not eating (I am having trouble not eating them myself ! But really, please DON’T)


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6. 3D Shark Socks

3D Shark SocksCrazy, quirky socks are all the rage now: you have probably seen those fun rainbow toe socks, those cool socks with prints of eggs and avocado… they are a way to spice up your outfit and make a statement without being noticed at work or school. If you love fun, out of the habitual footwear, then take a good look at these novelty 3D shark socks!

Featuring a lot of cool, different, crazy designs to match all your quirky sock needs, this fun socks are not only incredibly detailed but they are blended for comfort: their mix of cotton, nylon, polyester, and spandex makes them stretchy, warm and makes them likely to unravel or break. They make a great gift for animal lovers, socks collectors or anyone that loves to have a little bit of fun but has to comply with a strict dress code at work!


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7. Chicken Leg Socks 3D Knee Socks

Chicken Leg Socks 3D Knee SocksIf you were skinny during your school years, you probably were subjected to a lot of names other kids liked to throw at you: skeleton, Betty Spaghetti for the girls, Slenderman for the younger, chicken legs… How about rising in the face of adversity and making those sad moments of the past your strength? With the funny chicken leg socks, remind yourself that you have grown a lot and that those comments can’t hurt you anymore (or wear them for a costume or a hen party, that’s really cool too.)

Featuring different colors and sizes, these novelty socks are made out of polyester, cotton, and spandex for a stretchy, comfortable fit, and they are durable enough so they won’t fall apart after a couple of wears. and as it’s knitted and not printed, the drawing won’t run out if you put them through the washing machine. Pro tip: wear them at a Thanksgiving party if you want to make an impression!


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8. Cute Animal Socks

Cute Animal SocksSometimes, you want to wear a fun, quirky piece of clothing but you know your job has a strict dress code that you need to comply with. That is why funny socks are so popular: they are the perfect way to spice up your outfit but remain undetected by your strict boss. If you really love cute and cool stuff (who doesn’t?) and need to comply with your job, we would like to introduce you to this cute animal socks!

Made out of a combination of cotton, acrylic, and spandex, these novelty socks are stretchy, comfortable, and durable, so you don’t need to worry about them fraying or the print going away. In addition, they will fit women’s sizes 5 to 8.5.(which is suitable for almost anybody!) There’s also plenty of different colors and models to choose from to ensure you never get bored of wearing them. And they can be a quick pick me up to make your workdays brighter: simply lift your pants and look at them to be cheered up instantly!


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9. Pocket Socks Zip It Gear

Pocket Socks Zip It GearIf you are a woman or know the one you already know what’s the bane of their existence: none of their clothing has pockets. This is not only an incredibly transparent marketing ploy to get them to buy handbags, but severely impacts women’s lives as they often have to make a choice between carrying stuff and the practicality of not needing a handbag. It doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a doll, it always comes in handy to have an extra set of pockets, so for those who don’t want to sacrifice the beauty of clothes, the pocket socks may be a good option.

These warm and novelty socks are made out of a mix of cotton, spandex, and polyester to be as stretchy as possible. and in addition, metal detectors won’t be set off by its zipper, which is always a plus. They are unisex and the size can fit just about anybody so do not worry about them not fitting you. A perfect gift for any woman (seriously, they will love you for this gift).


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10. Sandal Socks - Looks Like You're Wearing Sandals

Sandal Socks - Looks Like You're Wearing SandalsIf you have been to the beach many times, you know how to recognize the tourists immediately: short-sleeved shirt, fisherman hat, Bermuda pants and… novelty socks with sandals. We don’t know why or what they do this but it has become an unmistakable look that screams “I am a tourist”. Quite funny, aha? Want to look like a tourist yourself without the shame of actually having to make this fashion faux-pas? Well, meet the sandal socks.

The fun, crazy socks have a drawing of sandals on them to recreate the iconic tourist look in the comfort of your own house. Made out of a very high-quality cotton blend, you can rest assured that these funny socks are going to be comfy, cozy and durable: the sandals are woven in, not printed so don’t worry about them getting damaged. Besides, the material is stretchy so they can be worn by up to a men’s size 13 without problems! A fun, witty gift for not very fashionable dads, or anyone with a great sense of humor but not-so-great fashion sense!


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11. No-Show Toe Socks

No-Show Toe SocksIf you are into running or jogging, it is quite likely that you have heard of the new trend of running barefoot. A lot of people insist it is much better for your health, but since it is dangerous to run barefoot outside they invented the Vibram, a shoe that replicates a human foot perfectly so you can get all the benefits from running barefoot without actually having to do it. If you own a pair or just really, really love sock toes, then take a look at this no-show toe socks.

This cool toe socks set are perfect for sports, as their combination of lycra, nylon, and polyester makes them comfortable even when you are sweaty; and besides, they have a mesh top to be able to evaporate the sweat and keep you dry and comfortable. The funny socks are compatible with just about any type of shoe and they are perfect for sports, so if you like to indulge in running every once in a while they are perfect for you!


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Socks can be a subtle fashion statement, that is why funny socks are in vogue right now. They can spice out your outfit and make your day better while going completely unnoticed, and you won’t get in trouble for not complying with your job’s dress code if you are wearing these novelty socks.

If you have stayed with Geartry for a while, you know we are always looking for the coolest gadgets and most unique gifts on the market, and this is why these funny, novelty socks fall into our category. Socks are small things, but small things often make a big difference in our life. So, be sure to show how much you care about them when you are buying gifts for your girlfriend, gifts for your kids, or gifts for your boyfriend.

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