Nums Numeric Keypad- Improve Your Working Efficiency to A Higher Level

We’ve always been looking for the coolest gadgets in the world, and this Nums number pad falls into our recommendations:

Imagine if you have a MacBook Pro 13″ in your workplace, and you work a very math-heavy profession where you continuously need to do calculations, additions, and subtractions, you’ve probably considered that there’s perhaps an easier, more comfortable way to use a calculator other than having to open the calculator all the time, or use another calculator on the side, right?

If you find this annoying, we have an excellent solution for you: the Nums number pad. The idea behind this cool gadget will entirely reimagine how you use a MacBook trackpad.

Just place this Numerical Keypad on top of your trackpad to transform it into a wireless number pad for calculations! With just a swipe on the upper right corner, you can start inputting numbers rapidly, and a swipe of the top left corner will launch your Mac’s calculator immediately! (swipe again to return to the regular use of the trackpad).

However, what I’m more interested in is speed. Imagine how cool it is if you could improve your speed of launching apps by 30% and typing by 230%. This is going to enhance your working efficiency considerably by lessening 66% of the finger movements when doing the same work. People such as number crunchers, accountant types, banking traders would possibly really like this.

Not only that, but you can customize this number pad with plenty of shortcuts to launch your favourite apps, documents or fullscreen mode with merely a swipe of your finger! If you are a busy businessman (or woman) and your time is worth more than gold, tune your Mac with this neat, time-saving little gadget.


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