Nums Numeric Keypad for MacBook

We are always on the hunt for unusual gadgets, and this falls into that category. It’s called numbs – a Numeric Keypad, but that’s a weird kind of name. In the meanwhile, It has a weird kind of package.

Apparently, you take this product, put it on your MacBook Pro trackpad, and now you have a digital number pad that lives right on the trackpad. That’s kind of the extent of our research.

So all of you accountant types, number crunchers, The Nums Numeric Keypad is the gadget you are not going to missing out…

However, What I’m more interested in is the tech – the idea of some sort of overlay for your trackpad which completely reimagines how you would use it.

Actually, this numeric keypad is compatible with MacBook of 13″. What’s worth mentioning is the Red Dot Design Award, the numeric keypad is been awarded as the best of best. If you are good at putting on screen protectors, that would be fun for you. You have the alcohol prep pad which goes with the package.

Macbook Trackpad Protector

Then goes to the device, the nums numeric keypad is made up of Aluminosilicate mineral glass material, which protects the MacBook trackpad from scratches. Furthermore, the numeric keypad is see-through, clear, and you can see there are a few little toggle switches on there, but it takes you some time to figure out how to turn this thing on and off.

How to Swift Launch the Numeric Keypad?

Take out your MacBook, first use the alcohol prep pad, this is just like when you’re putting on a screen protector, you need to be very careful, so the nums numeric keypad can fit the trackpad perfectly.

And then, go to download the nums app. it will you how to start the number pad. The guides are so easy, but the app is not really translated for English, that’s the pity.

Later you will see, the numeric keypad can Switch back and forth between number mode and mouse mode(which is just like the normal trackpad). To switch on the number mode, you just need to grab from the top right and just slide down, you see it tells you you’re now in number mode all of a sudden.

However, If everything happens just like that, I would not like to recommend this keypad.

Working Efficiency

What struck me most is the speed. It is said to improve your work efficiency significantly by 31%, with the number typing speed by 2.3x and launches apps by 31%. Imagine how cool it is to do the same work by Lessening finger movement by 66%, I think people like accountants banking traders day traders might actually like this.

Software Upgrade

Nums comes with an application powered by patented algorithms. It has unlimited updates and improvements to bring you more functional experiences.

Custom Mode Setup

On the other hand, the little button down there at the left corner brings up a custom mode setup, which allows you to drag a URL or file. So each one of the buttons can be a shortcut for whatever you want.

For example, for certain games which have some complicated key combinations that you would use frequently, and you don’t always want to type in. Swipe up from the corner to set up the custom keys command+C command+B, you can drag URLs just like your bookmarks essentially the places you like to visit frequently.

For another, you have YouTube set up as the number 4, you pull in from the left side, and then it just picks up where you want to go, or what you want to trigger. That’s so cool.

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