the Odin project laser mouse

Are you into innovative stuff? Always thinking of new ways to do things? A fan of everything computer-related? All three? If you do, perhaps you’ll be happy to see one of the most original, innovative ideas that have ever come out of Indiegogo: the ODIN project laser mouse.

“But what’s the ODIN project ?” you must be asking yourself “sounds really spooky yet cool” you are probably thinking. Well, the ODIN project was a project with the goal to create the world’s first holographic trackpad for your computer. If you have ever heard of virtual keyboards, this virtual trackpad is an amazing compliment for it.

But if you haven’t, virtual keyboards are just like regular ones except they are projected with a laser projector into a flat surface. What we have here is a trackpad that can be projected anywhere, which makes it really useful for computers, laptops, tablets or phones that don’t have any themselves!

This trackpad projector is really lightweight and compact ( it weighs less than 40 grams so you can pretty much take it anywhere with you) and it consumes very little power, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. In addition, the ODIN project laser mouse has an insanely cool design like a transformer that you will really want to show to all your friends and family. Plus it is highly personalizable which means you can create shortcuts to open any program that you want, isn’t that really neat? 

We must warn you, however, that the ODIN project laser mouse needs a dark surface to work or its’ accuracy will be severely impacted, and it might not work with the same precision just like your regular mouse. But otherwise, it is still perfect for those that need to save space in their desk when they are working, those with a loud, clickety-click mouse that annoys their roommates or families or those who simply love new, flashy, innovative gifts! 

7.1Expert Score

Let the little gut sit in front of you wherever you want your trackpad to be.

Unique design
Interactive LED lights

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