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9 Office Decor Ideas to Make Your Workspace A Happier Place

‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression.’ It’s the phrase that we frequently hear in the world of business. As a matter of fact, a clean and stylish office decor draws a picture in the minds of people that step into your door. Having a neat, healthy and comfortable office is not only about making the first impression, but also about improving the moods and productivity of your team.

However, decorating office can be an overwhelming job, for one thing, it’s hard for us to spare so much time and energy when working under great pressure. for another, some of us have no idea about what to prepare for perfect office decor.

So how does each office decoration affect our performance, and what message they send to others?

Read on our 9 office decor ideas to make your working station a happier place to be. A small adjustment can add a touch of beauty and style.

9 Office Decor Ideas of 2019

Your Office Needs A Green Plant

There is a large number of literature on the positive effects of nature elements. For example, patients in hospital can benefit from nature in improving mood and recovering from surgery; Children in school can perform better and gain more confidence from a closer contact with nature; and even a screensaver or wall art that depicts a nature scene can rescue us from depressions and anxiety.

The same goes for our offices. Researches have shown that a view of nature landscape such as the lakes, hills outsides the office may be beneficial to all the workers who are sitting too much, which will indirectly increase their job satisfaction and impact the working relationships.

However, it’s obviously impossible for people in the urban situation to own this. So consider optimizing your office with green plants, and it turns out to be one of the most cost-effective investments.

For one thing, a strong link is seen between the positive effects and green plants. Take a glance at green plants can recharge our emotion from demanding activities and decrease our job stress and anxiety levels. Apparently, Amazon is on to something: this is why they build a bubble-shaped greenhouse, a vast botanical office for employees in the new seattle headquarter. 

For another, green is the most restful color for human eyes with its great healing power to improve vision and make us calmed. As an additional bonus, there is an evidence showing that the presence of green plants can effectively lower air pollution levels.

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Introducing Arts Into Workplace

For a long period, the advantages of introducing arts into our workplace has been underestimated. Actually, installing office decor such as wall arts, prints, and sculptures can benefit us much more than just serving as a delightfully aesthetical environments.

Different from those look-don’t touch arts in the museum, the impacts of these office decor are quite perceptible. For one thing, they provide good talking points and create an interaction between you and your team members. An interesting wall print can also raise people attention successfully. It’s always a welcome strategy to start the conversation from a piece of artwork in the office.

Secondly, as the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. For visitors or customers, their first impression on your office begins when he steps into the door. The wall hangings, or sculptures create an atmosphere and influence people’s opinion towards your business and employees. To convey a message of your company culture, business, and vision, it’s an ideal and efficient way to use an art.

On top of that, according to a survey by Dr. Craig Knight, “If you enrich your office, people feel much more better and work better, and a good way of doing this is by using art.” Introduce an art into office helps to stimulate creativity, and is of great significance in brainstorming and problem solving, thus increasing our productivity.

With more and more people tend to work in a separate office, introducing the little arts into your workplace can become a recommended way to improve interaction, creativity and productivity in our everyday activities.

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Make Your Desk More Personalize

Contrary to what your boss might think that a clean desk may increase more focus and productivity, having your own stuff on the desk is not always a bad thing. If you make your desk more personalized, it could boost more productivity and increase wellbeing.

As a matter of fact, many companies from all sectors impose restrictions on all kinds of personal stuff for a reason. According to the two classic and leading management theories, six sigma and lean, eliminating everything that is not central to your work is quite necessary.

However, a research by Craig Knight, a professor from university of Exeter who studied the productivity and office management strategies shows that the traditional management theories are a symbol of standardization and patternization, whereas a highly personalized desktop or workplace is considered to be more liberal and motivated.

The more you could personalize your desk, the more productive you would be. As said by Craig Knight, employees who can put one photo or personal stuff on his desk are 15% more productive than those who don’t. and employees who have a complete control on their desk accessories can achieve up to 25% more productivity.

On one side, the pictures, books, or personal stuff we put on our desk provide a sense of identity to the environment, and contribute to an individual’s’ psychological engaging. That is to say, a personalized desktop may give the employees a sense of ownership over the environments around them, which will indirectly make them more happier, the more happier employees are, the more productive they will be.

Being free to personalize the desk, on the other side, can improve motivation. To the employees, decorating their desk however they want is considered to be a kind of liberating, showing him that company cares about the teams’ wellbeing. This, in return, make the stuff want to do his utmost and achieve more results for the company.

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Decorate your office with area rugs

Some may wonder if carpet holds any advantages over other types of hard surface floors. As a matter of fact, carpets not only serves as a great office decor, but also has several distinct benefits when compared to hard surfaces. Here are some reasons why carpets should be put on your lists when you are ready to decorate your office.

Appearance: Carpets comes as a perfect aesthetic decor with a variety of colors, images, and shapes. You can customize your office floor with whatever patterns and style as you want. there are literally thousands of possibilities to fulfill your ideal workplace. 

Comfort: Instead of feeling a bit of jolt when standing or walk on a hard surface over a long period of time, carpet insulates floors and serves as a shock absorber with its great flexibility and cushioning.

Noise Absorption: Several studies find that a hard surface can’t absorb the sound the way a soft surface does. A carpet not only provides a psychological feeling a warmth, but also makes no noise to the whole room.

Safety: Most importantly, slip-and-fall accidents occur on hard surface floors, not on carpeted floors.  

Cost saving: Generally speaking, carpet costs less over time than hard surface flooring to purchase, clean, and maintain. In the meantime, it requires less labor compared to a hard surface.

Health: Carpet traps allergens, dust, and other contaminants, holding them until they can be properly removed.

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Create a world of light

When it comes to office decor, we can’t skip from lightings. Not only because it prevents us from eye strains and eye stresses, but also because lighting plays a significant role in our everyday life. Therefore, as we decorate our home, it’s necessary to decorate our office in a creative way.

A desk lamp always works well on the desk. An unique and cool desk lamp gives an eye-catching scene to your office, and create a great atmosphere to improve your productivity.

Use a strip light to decorate your office. The soft glow of string lights is perfect for your office. for example, create light gallery wall, displays arts, and even decorate your plants. However, to prevent being looking too messy, it’s suggested to hang them in an organized way.

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Color enriches your life

Color enriches our life in a variety of ways. We get an instant feeling of space as soon as we enter a space, and the feeling can be anything from happiness to sadness, from subtle to powerful, from peppy to calm.

Blue is one of our favorite and productive colors that you can choose for your office and room. Green is the color of plants, of grass and nature, and it’s been considered to as a symbol of growth, renewal and creativity.

Red is the color of vibrancy, of energy and competition, it can keep your enthusiasm levels up throughout the whole day. Yellow is the color of fun, of sunshine and happiness, it’s always considered as another ideal color for boosting creativity and keep you optimistic.

While according to a study by the University of Texas that grey, beige and white may cause feelings of depressions and sadness, especially in women. If your office is decorated dull grey, it’s time for a makeover.

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Manage wires and cables

Even though we are moving towards a wireless society, cables clutter is still the scourge of our everyday life. Seeing those rat’s nest of cables snaking all around our desk can really get us fed up.

Most of the time, we keep ignoring those cable chaos. After all, no one can see them since they are hidden under desk, and meanwhile, they didn’t influence our activities directly.

However, as long as you need to unplug something, you are going to realize those mess of gadget cables living there.

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Bring in some flowers

As the poems go by Ralph Waldo Emerson, ‘The Earth Laughs In Flowers.’ Fresh flowers may not only improve the look of a given place, but also lower our stress and affect our moods.

As each flower lover knows, different flowers have their own language. Take, for instance, all of the different meanings of some flowers we are familiar with, Camellia means good luck, Daffodils says new beginning, Gladiolus conveys loyalty, Buttercup, Tiger Lily, Cat-Tail Alstroemeria is for Wealth and prosperity, Hydrangea express thanks for your understanding.

However, there is so much more to it. Bringing in flowers can show staff that you care about their working environment and well-being. and make office filled with a homely and familiar feeling, even though it’s not really the home.

Furthermore, having flowers around are great for inspiration and creativity. and people who have potted flowers in their workstation tend to be more positive about work and life. Get a flower in your office decor list and make magic happens.

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Use wallpaper to add some decoration

From classic colors to modern abstract and 3D patterns, wallpapers have become the new trend to defy design conventions. and why shouldn’t it be?

There are few office decor elements that can be more attractive than a vivid wallpaper. After all, a simple addition of wallpaper in a cheerful pattern and charming theme can light up the space in a space.

However, despite its name, wallpaper works in magic on more than just walls. Decorated on office desk, floors, or conference rooms, a few improvements could add colors and patterns in measured doses and change your workspace to a maximum extent.

So if you have no ideas about your office decor and can’t make up your mind, try to invest a wallpaper, it’s also one of the easiest way to convert a blah room into something magic.

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