50+ Unique Desk Accessories That Will Surely Be The Talk of The Office

You can’t change the fact that your loved ones have to work at a desk for 8 hours a day. However, you can help them transform that desk into a stylish, functional oasis in the midst of a hectic office. If you have coworkers or friends that could benefit from a newly revamped desk space, there are a variety of unique & cool desk accessories available to bring their haven to life. In this list, we will cover 50+ versatile office stuff that can make their desk the talk of the office.

Cool Desk Accessories

Privacy Pop Nap Tent

Sometimes, a brief nap is exactly the thing your body needs to power through the remainder of your workday. There’s no shame in needing a nap – sleep plays a powerful role in learning, memory and awareness, and is vital to productivity – but most office spaces aren’t designed with rest in mind.

The Nap Tent offers your tired colleagues the privacy they need to catch a few z’s though, and without even needing to leave their desk! A miniature tent just large enough to cover the head, the nap tent blocks light and provides a sense of privacy to your exhausted workmates. For a short nap during lunch or a break from the bright lights and overwhelming chaos of the office, this cool tent is the gadget that can grant respite.

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Satechi Aluminum Slim Keyboard

A good keyboard should be as appealing to look at as it is to work on. Fortunately, the Satechi keyboard, in all its sleek, streamlined charm, scores highly in both departments. This slim keyboard clears the desk of unnecessary wires, instead connecting to as many as 4 devices using reliable Bluetooth technology. It can make a great gift for most coworkers reliant upon an iMac, Macbook, iPad, iPhone, or other like Apple product, particularly for those interested in updating their office desk with neat, modern accessories. Get your loved one the slim wireless keyboard in either silver or gray and at long last do away with awkward touch screens and clunky keyboards; at last, a cool keyboard is within arm’s reach.

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Twelve South Compass Pro

Cool desk accessories are aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time. Miscellaneous clutter may be nostalgic or sentimental, but sleek, practical pieces like Twelve South are core to designing a workspace centered around productivity. This gadget, for instance, is a must-have for any professional tired of craning their neck to peer at their tablet.

An adjustable stand that supports tablets in landscape or portrait orientation, the Twelve South creates a more functional screen that doesn’t contort the spine, allowing co-workers of any height to work in comfort and style. When not in use, this useful tool folds away for easy storage, gifting professionals full reign of their previously-cluttered desktop. Supportive and affordable, it is a handy desk accessory that always has your back.

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WonderCube 8-in-1 Mobile Essentials Cube

A big cause of desk clutter in the modern office is our dependency on all the latest tech. WonderCube ingeniously combats the issue of office organization by eliminating a professional’s need for endless cords, wires, and devices. With this compact 1-inch cube that fits neatly on any key chain, your loved one can charge and sync devices, support a phone, store 128 gigabytes of additional memory, and even light the dark as an emergency flashlight.

Imagine all of the extra techs a loved one could go without with such a handy gadget nearby? If you are still wondering what the most practical desk accessory around could be, wonder no longer – this cool stuff may hold an answer!

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Apple Magic Trackpad 2

If you know a co-worker on the hunt for desk accessories to bring their office into the 21st century, the Apple trackpad is a state of the art tech gift that they won’t want to miss. This rechargeable trackpad, an improvement upon the original magic trackpad, features precise swiping and scrolling that puts your desktop 100% in your hands. Four force sensors within the device contribute to the accuracy and reliability, while the larger surface area ensures that the technology is always comfortable to use. As long as your loved one has access to a Mac computer with Bluetooth, they can begin using this intuitive tool as soon as they unwrap your generous gift.

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Rule One Multipurpose Tool

Multifunctionality goes hand in hand with order and minimalism. What makes the Rule One such a desirable desk accessory for the modern working man or woman is the incredible versatility this cool gadget possesses. Though it may at first glance appear to be an ordinary ruler, its interchangeable heads hold the secret to its many functions. Besides, it arrives with a stylus head for tablet work, a ballpoint pen, and even a convenient lanyard head for attaching the device to a chain or accessory. This useful accessory does the job of at least half a dozen individual desk pieces, making it one of the most versatile items on this entire list.

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Nemonic Sticky Note Printer

Taking notes by hand limits the accuracy and precision of complex messages and images. Printing memos is more hassle than its worth. The smart printer provides the ultimate compromise. Thanks to it, you can easily print photos, images, messages, or hand-designed memos onto a sticky note for all to see.

By digitally creating and sharing memos, everyone in the office can be sure to receive the same information quickly and easily, promoting efficiency in the space. The tiny printer consistently creates such neat, accurate print outs by relying on thermal printing rather than ink, eliminating the smudging typical of its ordinary counterpart. And best of all, it is simply sweet to look at, making it a cute desk accessory as well as a practical office gift.

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JAMES° The Halifax Multi-Tool

We’ve already commented on the value of multi-functional tools, but JAMES is an incredible office accessories with uses we haven’t even touched on yet. While its unique design makes JAMES an interesting desk accessory to look at, these meticulous titanium parts function as a screwdriver, a bottle opener, a pry bar, and a million other useful tools that we all need from time to time. A true jack of all trades, JAMES is the cool desk stuff for all of those awkward office jobs whose solution seems just out of reach. And at only 3 inches long, you can be sure that this innovative desk accessory isn’t going to clutter up any professional’s workspace. Just be sure to order one for yourself – you won’t regret it.

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Mr. n LED Table Lamp

Eye strain can be a real pain for the average desk-based professional, so proper lighting is a must for a functional desk. So why not light up your office with a truly one of a kind lamp that makes a statement? The Mr. N Table Lamp is a fantastic addition to a cool, modern desk space; this unique lamp emits a practical soft white light with a lifespan up to 50,000 hours for truly nearly endless use. Brighten up your loved one’s day with a chic solution to their strained eyes and dim, outdated office, and order them the Mr. N Table Lamp today!

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MoMA Perpetual Calendar

A cool and cozy office requires the latest and greatest of everything to keep it looking its best, and that includes its calendar! Your coworkers’ uninspired paper calendar is boring, bland, and easy to miss. It’s certainly not going to turn any heads or catch any eyes. The solution? Toss the old and invite in the modern, high-tech aesthetic of the Perpetual Calendar! The magnetic pieces of this circular masterpiece are easy to use and inject some fun to drab and dated desk of yesteryear. In terms of cool desk accessories, the Perpetual Calendar might just be the best of all time.

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Roland Go LIVECAST Streaming Studio

This excellent live studio device that is compatible with ios devices, Samsung, Huawei, and many more is the ideal solution for anyone who needs to put themselves out there quickly and effortlessly. Webcasting is one of the top ways of reaching your audience and many brands are jumping on the bandwagon, but if you need a piece of equipment that is going to make the whole process easy – the Roland GO is it.

The device can link up with some of the most popular streaming sites on the web including YouTube and Facebook as well as giving users the ability to adjust music, sound effects, and much more. Featuring three high-quality mics, you can be sure that his smart accessory won’t miss a trick!

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Concrete Desk Organizer

Your desk can easily become cluttered and disorganized, especially if you have a lot of important things lying around. This can translate into losing items and things becoming damaged. However, with the attractive concrete desk organizer, your problems will be solved. At around 10 inches in length, the organizer won’t take up too much space but will provide you with the ability to store up to four pens or pencils, your business cards, and your phone, freeing up space for other important items. The minimalist, sleek design is perfect for any office space and making a focal point for your desk that is sure to attract attention.

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Retro Pixel Art Game & Speaker

Your office desk should be fun and functional, but most importantly, it should scream you. The coolest accessories are those that can be customized to personalize your space. In this regard, the Retro Pixel Speaker is the perfect desk accessory. Not only can your loved ones blast their favorite tunes on this Bluetooth Speaker, but they have the power to design their own colorful pixel art to display center-screen. The Retro Pixel Speaker is a fun gift for the old-school gamers, the garage musician, or even just the bored employee who could use a little brightness in their day.

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MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand

For some, sitting down to work can sound like a snooze; for others, the process can be positively painful. If you or someone you know has been suffering at the hands of their laptop, it might be time to invest in the Laptop Stand. This sturdy, portable, lightweight stand fits securely on any desk and makes typing on your laptop easier than ever. By elevating the keyboard, the Laptop Stand promotes improved posture as you work. The result? Fewer aches and pains at the end of the day! If your work has been a pain in the neck, then try accessorizing your desk with this cool tool to elevate your performance.

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Ko-Axis™ Rail Pen

Even if you prefer the old-fashioned charm of working with pen and paper, there’s still an opportunity to upgrade your tech. For instance, the Ko-Axis Rail Pen has re-invented the pen, and all for the better! This cool pen is a feast for the eyes and is just as fun to write with as it is to admire. Best of all, the original twin-rail skeleton design includes an instant replacement for easy refills. Choose the D1 stylus refill that suits your needs and in a matter of seconds, the Ko-Axis Rail pen is ready for action. When it comes to cool things to put on your desk at work, the pen truly is mightier than the sword.

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Craighill Multipurpose Desk Knife

When you require a sharp blade to open an envelope or slice through the tape, there never seems to be a pair of scissors or handy knife to be found. Luckily, you can now store a sleek, modern cutting blade that cuts just as well as it awes. The Craighill Desk Knife is more than just a pretty face; the solid stainless blade makes sharp, precise cuts, and the round handle is comfortable and easy to grip. Whether you pick one up for its killer looks or incredible performance, the Craighill Desk Knife is a desk accessory that is sure to impress.

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Multi-Angle Wood Desk Lamp

As the light changes over the course of the day, you need a desk lamp that can conform to your needs. No desk lamp balances versatility with appearance quite as well as the Wood Desk Lamp. With a fully adjustable arm and head, you can cast a strong beam of light wherever you need it. When not in use, your co-workers will still rave over the clean Scandinavian style and minimalist design. For artists or designers who draw inspiration from a beautiful environment, the Wood Desk Lamp is a great desk accessory with even greater functionality.

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Magnetips Incredible Magnetic Pens

A creative mind craves color, originality, and a means of creation. The Magnetic Pen Set offers all that and more from the comfort of your own desk. These cool, colorful pens all function as powerful magnets, allowing you to bond them to one another and to all of your favorite desk accessories. Use the pens to construct brilliant models and structures, or take solace in the spectrum of colors currently adorning your desk. The Magnetic Pen Set is a cool desk feature for those of us with a wondering mind and fidgeting hands.

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IRIScan Book Scanner

Need to convert a physical document to PDF, but don’t have the time to hunt down a clunky, outdated scanner? Lucky for you, there now exists a magic wand that can do the work for you! The IRIScan Book Scanner scans pages to a digital format in a matter of seconds, allowing you to get back to work immediately. This cool desk accessory is designed for your convenience, featuring no cord and a slim, lightweight shape that can travel with you or slip into your desk drawer. Finally do away with the awkward, unshapely full-sized scanner once and for all!

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Qwerkywriter S Typewriter

As technology continues to advance at breakneck speed, the decision to stick with a vintage aesthetic is a bold choice. Many adore the image of writing on a typewriter or humming along to a classic Victrola, particularly those too young to have experienced either firsthand. If someone you know has been chasing the retro charm but isn’t quite ready to give up the convenience of their computer, this retro keyboard is the brilliant gadget to give you a balance of modern and aged.

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Anker Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

The mouse we all know and love is getting a stylish new look! This pyramidal mouse is more than just an unusual desk accessory for your computer – it’s ergonomic, expertly designed for user comfort. The typical computer mouse, though functional, can compress and strain the wrist, leading to painful conditions such as a carpal tunnel. What then makes this ergonomic mouse a cool gadget is not only its unique, eye-catching design but also the long-term health benefits that your loved ones will reap.

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iClever Foldable Wireless Keyboard

Tablets are convenient for their portability and affordability, but writing on one can be a nightmare. Too big to hold with one hand and too small for touch-typing, writing on a tablet is a slow, uncomfortable process best to be avoided. The iClever keyboard offers a solution – a working tri-fold keyboard that can go wherever your tablet does. The iClever keyboard is a stylish addition to a desk set-up that makes typing a breeze on any Windows, Android or iOs devices.

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Adjustable Tablet Holder Stand

As mentioned previously, many tablets prove a bit too big to be comfortably held as you work. There is, of course, the option to lay the tablet flat on a table and hunch over the device, but such poor posture will inevitably lead to back pain and headaches. Many tablet stands are currently on the market to address this exact issue; however, the price and quality of this Amazon Basics stand make it a stand-out option. The minimalist design is a nice bonus feature of this cool accessory, keeping your desk uncluttered as you work.

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Minimalist Curved LED Desk Lamp

Simple, dynamic and genuinely one of a kind, this SkyeyArc LED lamp can take any office from bland to grand. The incredible shape of this lamp is unlike any other, yet the fixture is kept in balance by sharp, sleek design choices. The SkyeyArc lamp is a must-have desk accessory to brighten up a cool office without overcrowding the space. Warn your friends and family though that once they set up this dazzling lamp, it’s guaranteed to become the talk of the water cooler.

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Retro Digital Flip Down Clock

Have a friend or coworker that is always running late? What they need is a cool new clock that they won’t be able to take their eyes off of. Featuring more of those vintage vibes, the flip-down clock is just the accessory to add some interest to your desk while keeping you right on schedule. The flipping of the number cards is seamless and silent, proving that style doesn’t have to come at the cost of productivity. So next time that your pal is feeling stressed about their schedule, present them with this cool desk accessory and watch as they begin to relax.

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LED Strip Lights for Desktop PC, TV

The computer is the centerpiece of most modern office desks; it’s about time that yours made a statement. A burst of color can go a long way to completing a desk makeover, and these computer strips provide just that. Simply attach the lights to the back of your monitor, select one of the 16 color settings and watch as the entire room changes. These lights manage to add awesome neon excitement to any desk without taking any additional surface area, allowing you or a loved one to get to work in fashion.

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Wireless Ergonomic Split Keyboard

The keyboards we learned to type on may be familiar, but they certainly don’t do any favors for your posture! Ever noticed that a person’s hands don’t naturally fall perpendicular to the rows of keys? The chances are good that some of your desk-working friends have, and have personally felt the repercussions of this misalignment. The ergonomic split keyboard protects hand and wrist health by conforming to our typical typing posture, as well as by offering the support your forearms while you work. And for the syle-conscious, do not fret – this cool accessory is available in black or white and with or without wires, helping it to match your desk’s current aesthetic.

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Under Desk Headset Holder Mount

Clutter is the primary foe to any chic desk. Wires, headphones and random bits of tech fill up your desk and make it look more like a digital graveyard than a functional workspace. If you know someone who is struggling to keep their desk in order, this innovative headphone stand is a necessary accessory. By attaching underneath the desktop, headphones and loose wires can be stored out of sight. The stand also features 3 USB charging ports, meaning that you can charge your devices without a tangle of cords running across your desk.

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Samsung Space Bezel-less Monitor

Computer monitors take up a fair amount of desk space. While a computer screen is a necessary component of most desks, Samsung realized that this monitor can still provide a neat, minimalist appearance by eliminating all of the excess material. The result of this streamlining: The Space, an adjustable space-saving computer screen that does away with everything but the screen. Trying to create a cool and calm desk space is a waste if your computer continues to crowd the surface; downsize with this cool desk accessory by Samsung right away.

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Fast Wireless Charging Station

If you need to access your devices as they charge, wires running across your desk may seem inevitable. This charging station, however, would beg to differ. This cool desk accessory conveniently supports your tech for your viewing pleasure and integrates wire management into its design to keep your chargers neat. If your colleague is unable to put their phone away while they work, this charging station will enable them to monitor their device for updates without sacrificing the organized appearance of their office.

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Atech 7 in 1 Multifunction Pen

Sometimes a desk seems cluttered because it lacks organization. Other times, it seems cluttered because it actually is overflowing with all kinds of unnecessary stuff. In the case of the latter, a new monitor or charging station won’t be enough to clean up space – something needs to go. With versatile tools such as this multifunctional pen, your hoarding loved ones can hopefully eliminate some of the clutter by trading out several loose items for just a single practical one. This handy accessory is convenient, and best of all, it’s fun to play with! What more could you ask for?

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Tap Strap - Keyboard of the Future

Want to be the coolest guy in office? Try this wireless finger keyboard. This amazing tap keyboard is strapped to your fingers and connected to your phone or computer (or any other electronic device, really) by using the Bluetooth. Simply tap your fingers as if you were playing an air piano to write whatever is needed by moving your fingers! This super cool desk accessory is not only made out of soft-touch TPU to allow for as much mobility as you want, but also comes with a 370mA battery backup battery so your keyboard will never die on you in the middle of a tapping war!

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Desk Foot Hammock

If you work in an office, you know how annoying it can get to just be sitting on your chair, in front of your computer, reviewing data for hours. You would love to change sitting positions, but that’s “not professional” so you are stuck between sitting regularly or cross-legged for 8 hours. If you want to create a more relaxing, chill environment in your workplace, hear us out: the under desk foot hammock.

This cool foot hammock comes with an upgraded, better design so you can just take it easy under your desk without worrying about it breaking, your feet sliding or falling down! In addition, it has an inherent clasp to hold your headphones, handbag or backpack for ease of access too, isn’t that amazing?

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3D Rocket Lamp

Are you into the alien memes? A fan of the universe or NASA, wants to decorate your desk with some cool desk accessories or really, really loves rockets and space gifts, then this rocket lamp is going to make you say “ayy lmao”. (It’s a meme, some people insist this is what aliens would say if they came to Earth.)

This incredibly cool, the fun rocket lamp has had the rocket launch fire created by a 3D printer for maximum accuracy, beauty and attention to detail; while the carefully crafted rocket part is detachable so you can play with it and look at it really closely. Also, the light inside is beautiful, easy to charge and replace and it has a light modulator in the button that will allow you to turn the light setting from dim to bright. Decorate your desk and let dreams take off with the rocket lamp

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Natico Decision Maker

In the modern era where we feel crippled by the weight of the societal pressure that is put on us, where most of us suffer from depression, anxiety, burnout or a fun combination of the three at the same time. And where a lot of us feel so anxious about being held responsible for our decisions that we freeze when the Starbucks barista asks us if we want it tall, grande or venti, don’t you? Meet the Natico Decision Maker, your first time see it, our first time introduce it.

This funny little desk accessory has a similar function to an 8 ball: ask it a question and it will give you an answer, but it can also make a great, cool paperweight. Great as a fun toy and a perfect gift for people who often suffer the decision moments and always second-guess what to do.

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Enevu Dimmable LED Cube Light

One light just simply isn’t enough at times, in bright daylight you might need something different compared to those long, dark nights in the office. That is where this beautifully modern looking cube light can be a life-saver. The Enevu light fits in perfectly with any decor style and features a long-lasting LED light that can easily change color to suit your mood and your lighting needs. If nothing more, this will serve as a gorgeous decoration and an interesting talking point. At just over 5cm, this gorgeous desk accessory is a great space saver for those who have cluttered desks and not a lot of space for practical solutions.

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Retroduck Fast Charging Dock

Having your juice topped up is a must in this fast-paced, modern lifestyle but those pesky wired chargers can get in the way. Thanks to the retroduck wireless charger, this problem is easily solved, this cool desk accessoriy is not only convenient but also provides a super-fast charge for any compatible device.

It comes in a choice of three colors meaning that it will easily integrate into any office space, no matter what the decor. In addition to this, the charger has the ability to prevent over-heating and over-charging meaning that your device will be protected. The retro design gives you the opportunity to create a unique look and feel to any desk space whether at home or in the workplace.

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FlashForge Finder 3D Printers

One of the most innovative and essential desk accessories for the home office or the workplace is the 3D printer – giving users the capability of printing in glorious 3D and creating some truly stunning designs. There are many printers of this type on the market but none quite as impressive as the FlashForge which comes in a striking red design that will flatter any desk space. The printer features an easy to use color touch screen and fast printing so that you aren’t waiting for an eternity for your masterpiece. What’s more, this handy little gadget is quiet and excellent for those who have never used a 3D printer before.

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Cyber Clean Paste

Studies prove that our keyboard and our smartphone are the dirtiest surfaces in our entire house: we have this nasty habit of getting on the computer without washing our hands, eating Doritos on top of the keyboard, and let the oils, dust, dirt and cat hair run wild and create a new ecosystem in our keys, right? This is definitely not the most conducive to health and cleanliness, so we probably should put an end to this in an excellent way to start taking care of your keyboard: the Cyber clean.

The Cyber clean paste is made out of an antibacterial, cleaning compound that kills 99% of bacteria and can absorb dust and dirt even in the smallest crevices; and it is incredibly simple, easy and efficient to use: just press it against the surface to be cleaned, remove it and Bob’s your uncle! No hassle, no mess, and a refreshing lemon scent! Cyber clean is the perfect small desk accessory that can improve one’s life, but it will be especially useful to those that use their computer frequently: for work, for fun, sleep and eat next to it…

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Westcott Non-Stick Scissors

You may not hear about Westcott, but I bet you must have come across the moment when you cut scotch or masking tape with scissors, tape adhesive sticks to the blades and renders them difficult to use, right? Westcott scissors put end to that problem by cutting through sticky adhesives without any residue.

Using a process that bonds titanium to the blades and then coats them with a breakthrough non-stick formula to produce an adhesive-resistant, it’s not only easy-to-clean but also comes with a longer-lasting cutting edge. These scissors will stay sharp, smooth-cutting and residue-free for years. A cool desk accessory for use at home, office or classroom, with art and scrapbooking projects. Creating your next masterpiece is easy when you have the very best tools to work with.

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Persian Mouse Rug Pad

Ever wanted to own a super luxurious Persian rug but you don’t have the ludicrous amount of money needed for one… what about the best second thing? This witty mouse rug will provide your desk with the coolest and most luxurious mousepad ever. The smooth gliding surface will work with any type of mouse. Spanning 9 x 7 inches, it is the perfect size for regular, classic mouses. Get this ingenious, cool desk accessory to provide your mouse with the most luxurious imitation carpet ever. But you can also use it for many other things! How about using it to decorate a dollhouse, or to interpret A Whole New World with your Aladdin figurines?

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3D Levitating Skull Lamp

Are you super goth and want your desk to match your fashion choices? Do you have someone that is going through the edgy skull phase? If you have answered yes, this insanely cool 3D skull lamp that can levitate and rotate on top of its base is going to make you squeal with delight. For an even cooler edgier effect, when the lamp is turned on, the skull emits red light while the base emits blue light.

The 3D skull lamp is the perfect accessory to any desks, to any gothic or punk room, and a great skull gift for those that admire the edgier side of things. Get yourself a skull to add a touch of mystery and darkness to your life, and see yourself turn into a witch or dark magician with its super cool and surprising magnetic occult powers!

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AirBar Touchscreen Sensor

Ever wanted to turn your non-touch notebook into a touchscreen one? Wouldn’t that be super amazing for many things such as scrolling, drawing and tapping images to make them bigger? This cool computer accessory works well for your laptops, especially on the windows system – Actually, it works on MacBook, but when it comes to precision, It is not exactly what we would call pin-point.

And it works in a quite simple manner: plug it to your Windows notebook, attach it to the magnets of the screen, and the device will emit an invisible light field over the screen of your notebook that will sense your touch! And by the way, you can use it when wearing gloves, with a paintbrush, with a stylus… go wild and test its capabilities!

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Magnetic Pen

Some of us absolutely love to fidget while working. For those that have autism or ADHD, fidgeting is absolutely indispensable if we want to properly concentrate and direct our energy in a proper manner towards work, instead of having all this undirected energy distract us. If you need some unique desk accessories to properly concentrate, this magnetic pen is a good option!

In fact, this is not just a pen, but also a fidget toy that can be turned into an infinity of different shapes; Besides, this gadget features two heads so you can use it both as a regular gel pen and as a touchscreen stylus! Including 13 magnetic pieces and 12 magnetic steel balls, it features a lot of different tiny pieces so be careful that it may not be safe for kids 12 or under as it can pose a potential health and choking hazard.

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Smartphone Screen Magnifier

Are you a fan of watching YouTube videos on your phone during the rest break, but your screen is too small? Are you one of those that constantly use their phone for movies, games, or for whatever reason would just like their smartphone screen to be a bit bigger? Then you would be happy to see the Phone Screen Magnifier.

This incredibly ingenious invention will make the smartphone screen bigger as you want! With a very cute, cool retro design imitating the style of old 60’s – 70’s TVs, this cool desk accessory is not only functional but also really pretty and decorative! With an 8 inch screen, it can give you up to 2X the size of your smartphone, and it also helps reduce the eye strain caused by looking at your small screen for extended periods of time.

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DMoose Cable Management Box

One of life’s little irks is that cables simply get in the way. This is especially true when you have many electrical gadgets like those found on and around a desk. Organizing these cables can be a tricky process but this is made all the more easily through the use of this beautiful cable management box. Coming in an eye-catching wood design with an attractive and sleek white panel, featuring the company logo, no one would ever suspect that this box hides a multitude of sins.

What’s more, your desk will not only benefit from aesthetic improvement but will also become much safer, with accidents being prevented through the safe storage of cables and other electrical desk accessories.

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MEEM Charger & Automatic Backup Cable

Imagine having the capability to charge your device whilst backing up your data all at the same time. Well, now you can and the solution comes in the form of this brightly colored and innovative memory cable. The most impressive aspect of this small desk accessory is that your phone will be backed up each and every time it is charged without you needing to access a third-party – something that many people have a concern in doing.

Additionally, the cable can be used without a subscription. Many companies require an ongoing fee to continually back up your data but that is not the case with this one. What’s more, the striking design is the perfect addition for a pop of color in your workspace – aesthetically pleasing as well as extremely useful.

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Mini Cork Globe

For those who love to travel, cool desk accessories that mimic this passion are a must and this globe made from cork is a great addition to the desk of anyone with a sense of wanderlust. The globe is made from cork and comes with a variety of colored pins that can be used to plan trips or pinpoint dream locations. If you prefer – it can be simply used as decoration. The intricate detail of the world map is second to none and provides an accurate plan of each country in a simple yet attractive black design. The globe stands on a minimalist stand and will make an interesting talking point for those boring business meetings.

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Stress Relieving Desktop Punching Ball

Working stress is like dark chocolate, a little of it may be good to you. (at least it give you the courage to get up from bed in the morning.) However, a lot of it may be harmful. The stress punching ball is the ideal desk accessory that makes the stress easier to bear. It comes with a solid steel spring and a suction base that holds onto any wood or metal surface, such as windows, desk, and office cabinet. An included pump also makes the ball easy to assemble and inflate, what’s more, it is durable enough to withstand any amount of excessive venting. Now punch out and smack the stress out of your intensive working environment.

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NEOGEO Mini International

If you’re of a certain age, you probably have childhood memories of coin-op game or arcade game machines. Although the technology has changed a lot, arcade game  remains as popular as ever. Thanks to this mini handheld arcade machine, the old school machine gives you a fantastic authentic retro feel.

The portable size allows it sitting on your desk nicely or even fits your palm, and it comes with 200 built-in video games plus a volume control to make the gaming experience even more excited. It runs on 3 AAA standard batteries for hours of – running, shooting, driving high speed, sports, and education games. Relive your rest break time after a high stress job with this old school desk accessory. If you are looking for the best gifts for gamers, this one could also be a great option.

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Desktop Dead Man Pen Pencil Holder

Whether you are feeling upset, stressed or tired of getting your pens lost again and again, the dead fred will put an end to this. It brings you piles of fun to the table and keep pens at hand conveniently. Sitting on the desk, it just stands out and turns any desks into a crime scene. The vibrant silicon body holds your writing pens firmly with its empty hole in the heart until you put it into use again. It’s not only a great decor to your desktop, but also a killer gift for students, friends, and coworkers. This is one of the most unnecessary desk accessories on earth today – say goodbye to pent up anger and frustration now!

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Acacia Grove Mini Cinder Blocks

Consider adding some fun to your spare time with tiny building projects. Featuring an accurate design, these blocks are made of real cement and comes with a small pouch so that you can take it anywhere. And they come with 24 1/12 scale miniature cinder blocks and a mini pallet, with each one measuring 1.2’’ x 0.6’’. Besides, this is not only a perfect desk accessory for your office, but also a good educational toy to stimulate the creativity of your children. They can build a little pen holder or a castle or whatever they want with these interactive miniature blocks.

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Plush Lined Eyeglasses Holder

If you are getting tired of place an average pencil box, eyeglasses holder, or cable organizer on your desk, then this all-in-one desk organizer is what you’ll like. With 8 different attractive colors, it will meet your every taste. Featuring a wide magnetic base, it sits easily and firmly on any desk surface without sliding. It also comes in two pieces: the holder is detachable from the base, so you can either put it on the flat base or place it horizontally on your desk. However, the best part about it is its special soft furry interior, it protects your belongings from any possible scratches and residue. Never miss this unique office desk accessory on Birthday, Christmas and Anniversaries.

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Knock Knock Sticky Notes Packet

When it comes to recommending some unique desk accessories, Knock Knock is always on our list. They bring creativity and humor into our everyday life by providing fill-in-the-blank books, funny gifts, and all kinds of inspiring office stuff. One of its best sellers is the To Accomplish sticky notes packet. It combines the to-do list and stickies together and sits on your desk as a lovely decor. Write down your everyday to do list and stick it to computer monitors or on walls, get you life more organized.

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Amazon Basics Mesh Desk Organizer

Measuring 4.5 x 9.34 x 4 inches, the Amazon basics mesh desk organizer serves as a great space saver while providing a versatile storage room. Thanks to the divided compartments, it saves you a lot of time finding your frequently used items by organizing them on the desk within reach. There are 4 separated compartments for storing pens, scissors, and markers, 2 additional compartments for stashing paper clips, plus a storage space for stashing sticky notes. Simple, practical, and sturdy, it offers an attractive appearance, and coordinates easily with other desk accessories and surrounding decor.

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The Mug That Won't Fall

If you have ever overturned your glass on your desk and covered yourself in water, tea or even worse, a fizzy drink ( Oh God, why are they so sticky!?) you have probably thought that it is about time someone invents a spill-proof glass that can’t be overturned. If you have clumsy toddlers that tend to overturn their glasses carelessly or the proverbial cat that likes to throw things off the counter to piss you off, the mighty mug offers a perfect option for you.

Featuring an amazing anti spillage system that makes it pop back right back up when knocked, you don’t have to worry about accidents: they just won’t happen. In addition to this, the lid of this amazing contraption has a leak-proof system to prevent spillage, so not only is perfect for the people already mentioned: toss it in your bag or backpack and be sure you won’t come back to a leaky dirty mess.

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Nums Numeric Keypad

The idea behind this cool desk accessory will entirely reimagine how you use a MacBook trackpad. With just a swipe on the upper right corner, you can start inputting numbers rapidly, and a swipe of the top left corner will launch your Mac’s calculator immediately! (swipe again to return to the regular use of the trackpad).

However, what I’m more interested in is speed. Imagine how cool it is if you could improve your speed of launching apps by 30% and typing by 230%. This is going to enhance your working efficiency considerably by lessening 66% of the finger movements when doing the same work. People such as number crunchers, accountant types, banking traders would possibly really like this.

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Bull Shit Button

Getting angry or extreme rage to someone or something in our daily life is quite normal. However, I’m not suggesting you throw your hands in the air, walk away, and say ‘Fuck it!’. Instead, you could have a better choice with the Bull Shit Button. It is here to help you get through those moments in life.

This funny desk accessory features 10 kinds of voice. Each time when you press the big red button, the light flashes and there is a funny background sound saying bull shit! It not only provides a great option to emit your pending up stress, but also add plenty of fun to your office. You could express yourself in a funny way with a bit of laughter using this bull shit button, and this is going to be a gag present for your coworkers and friends and surely be their must-have desk accessories in the office.

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Odin Project Laser Mouse

The ODIN project comes with the goal to create the world’s first holographic trackpad for your computer. If you have ever heard of virtual keyboards, this virtual trackpad is an amazing compliment for it. This cool desk accessory is really lightweight and compact ( it weighs less than 40 grams so you can pretty much take it anywhere with you) and it consumes very little power, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. In addition, this laser mouse has an insanely cool design like a transformer that you will really want to show to all your friends and family. Plus it is highly personalized which means you can create shortcuts to open any program that you want, isn’t that really neat? 

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Roll Up Keyboard

The keyboards we use every day can be bulky, clickety, difficult to clean and prone to accumulating bacteria. Although it doesn’t mean that ordinary keyboards can be replaced, but for people busy at meetings or love traveling, a roll-up keyboard might be a good alternative.

Not only is this roll-up keyboard lightweight and incredibly easy to transport, but also the silicone material is soft and comfortable to the touch: it attracts fewer bacteria, dust, and oil than a traditional plastic keyboard with raised keys does, and it is also really easy to clean since it is waterproof too. Softly wet a napkin and clean the keyboard (please don’t put the keyboard underwater. It might be waterproof, but it isn’t all-terrain).

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Motivating yourself to sit down in the office and get to work can be a difficult feat. However, the task is just a little easier when a cool, fully-equipped desk space is awaiting you. A cool, organized desk is key to remaining motivated throughout the workday. For those colleagues who dread long hours in the office, gifts that brighten the cubicle and stimulate innovation can make a powerful incentive to get focused. Do you have a friend or co-worker in your life that could use a little extra motivation to get to work each morning? Now share some cool desk accessories with your loved ones to transform their dull desktop into a haven of productivity.