Overview: A New Perspective of Earth by Benjamin Grant

Author Benjamin Grant knows the beauty of the road less taken. Now, in the breathtaking pages of “Overview”, he’s sharing this unique insight with audiences worldwide.

In December 2013, Grant started a new series on his Instagram profile that he named the Daily Overview. Through his original, eye-opening images on this visual global network, Grant has worked to broaden his fans’ perspectives with a bigger look at the massive scale of the planet and the impact each of us has on this mighty globe. “Overview” follows in these lofty footsteps, presenting a curated collection of 200 high definition satellite images that capture the world through a perspective few have experienced. The result? A work praised as “gorgeous”, “breathtaking”, and “utterly gut-wrenching” by the biggest periodicals of the day.

Overview: A New Perspective of Earth by Benjamin Grant - Geartry

You don’t need to be an artist, a photographer, or even a scientist to appreciate the story Grant tells through his compilation of satellite imagery. “Overview” is easy enough to be enjoyed by the most casual of readers, and powerful enough to shake introspective philosophers to their core. Everyone can benefit from this new look at the planet we all call home; whether you’re enraptured by the mesmerizing colors of nature or moved by the sight of the impact civilization has had on the planet, there is no denying the depth of this new point of view.

Available on Kindle or as a sturdy hardcover compendium, “Overview” is incredibly accessible and more than worth the investment. The high quality of these genuinely Instagram-worthy photos are more than enough of a reason to invest in a gorgeous hardcover of the collection. You might be surprised at the level of insight Grant provides in short, yet fitting, explanations of his photography, and find yourself inspired to reconsider your own place on the planet. For a gift that moves your loved ones or a personal treat and a call to reflection, “Overview”, one of the most powerful works of the current age, is certain to do the trick.