Piano Play Mat for Boys & Girls

Remember that The Simpsons episode where Homer goes to a toy store and sees they have a toy piano floor and destroys it by playing it? Have you ever wanted to recreate the scene with your own toy piano floor (hopefully without destroying your piano !)? Well, here we come to introduce you to the second-best thing; the Piano play mat.

This piano play mat is absolutely perfect for any age: it can be used by adults, kids and even toddlers! The mat is gigantic, spanning 71 x 29 inches and really resistant and sturdy as it is made out of vinyl. With 24 touch-sensitive keys, 8 different instruments and 4 demos for all your musical needs, this could be useful if your kids are learning the piano. 

Besides, the keyboard also has 4 play modes: record, playback, demo and play! It complies with all US safety requirements as not to pose a health hazard for kids. And it requires 4 AA batteries to function while being low consumption and energy-saving as it comes with an automatic power-off in case your kids forgot to turn it off after playing with it. 

All in all, this fun, amazing, fantastic piano mat is great for kids, adults and everybody all around: turn your kids’ next birthday party into a musical fiesta, make this your front door mat so all your guests will play a little melody as they come into your house, use it in your music’s classroom to teach your kids about music or do anything you can think of with it, something you can be sure of is that you are going to love this little piano !

8.9Expert Score

Making music becomes more easily by dancing up and down the play mat.

Volume control
Early Childhood Education

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