Poppit Stress Sheets novelty office desk stress relief toys

Are you stressed? In this increasingly competitive, cut-throat world it is quite likely that you are: tightly packed schedules, ever-increasing prices with stagnant salaries… on average, kids are more stressed than ever, and they start to be stressed younger and younger. However, it doesn’t have to be like this: there is always time for a quick fun activity that will help all that stress melt away, whether it be a nice, warm Starbucks frappuccino, a face mask, a Netflix marathon… or poppit stress sheets.

The Poppit Stress Sheets is a little box containing 14 bubble wrap sheets that you can pop to your heart’s contents! And we promise that once you pop, you won’t be able to stop and you will continue popping those bubbles until all your stress has gone away. While this might seem like an annoying distraction, studies (and common sense) prove that popping bubble wrap sheets does have a positive effect on your stress levels and it can help you feel less annoyed and frustrated.

All in all, the poppit stress sheets are perfect for the stressed, burnout person on-the-go, and it can make a great, funny gag gift for Secret Santas or White Elephant parties. gift them to your workmate that is always tense, to your kid that is about to sit their tests, to a friend in a highly stressful job or to anyone that is experiencing burnout and has been working nonstop: not only will the stress sheets make their stress melt away but just upon seeing the gift, their mood will improve and they will burst out laughing !

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The simplest and most instant way to help you restore the calm fast.

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