Odin World's First Virtual Projection Mouse

It’s called ‘The Odin World’s First Projection Mouse’.

I don’t have a problem with my mouse or trackpad or anything like that. But sometimes I’m just looking around and I think there must be some new tech right there which is interesting.

How does the ODiN Projection Mouse look like?

It’s from a company I haven’t heard of called ‘Sarafim’. My first time using one. Your first time seeing one. The projection mouse looks like a transformer as well, definitely transformer like. It is very small actually.

Some red cut out on the front and then on the back is where the Micro USB Port is. So you just need to plug right in the USB port and let the little guy sits in front of you wherever you want your trackpad to be, and then projects it on to the desk. Quite simple, Right?

In the meantime, the interactive LED light is so attractive. I like how it makes a little clicking like the dude winks when you click down. It’s usable. but…It’s hard to really compare it to a real trackpad. It’s hard for me to call the precision exact.

What’s the most important thing for a mouse?

— The precision!

In what kind of scenario would you need something like this as opposed to a traditional mouse. I don’t really know. And also the surface you are projecting onto is one of the factors which make an impact to a certain extent. Because if it’s a slick surface you probably slide a little bit better than if it’s a rough one.

It just doesn’t really have precision for me.

In my opinion, it would be quite good to be cool. It even has a red laser! I like new technology. Plus it looks like a transformer so, it must be points for that.

Anyway, it looks incredibly cool you would want to try that I’m sure.

But… aa I don’t wanna really shut the product down too much, after all, they claimed it the world’s first. It’s claiming to be a mouse, to displace this product that everybody super familiar with. Yet it doesn’t do that job better than other stuff that’s already out there.

So. If I saw this on Amazon. I was skeptical. Actually, I would prefer a standard mouse that costs a couple of dollars. But of course, the only way to truly know is to order it and test it yourself.

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