Puzzle Box Brain Teaser Box Game for Adults & Kids

This beautiful puzzle box will make the delights of anyone interested in puzzles, brainteasers or just beautiful things.

Working as a safe, it is perfect for storing our little secrets or things that we don’t want others to rummage through: jewelry, money, love letters, a small diary… and it features several small compartments to store things separately.

The puzzle does not only allow for better protection of your secrets but it works as a brain teaser to help you develop your creativity, intelligence, dexterity and help you work better with your hands. Not only that, but getting the box open is incredibly fun and can help relieve stress, free the mind and keep the hands occupied.

When you first pick it up, it will seem like just another box, but then you will notice that the box comes with multiple secret compartments and has no opening! Moreover, if you don’t look deeper, you will find that it has no moving parts at all…and definitely that is when you will find it much, much more difficult for your mind to cope!

This box’s target audience is kids and toddlers, considering that, it has been made without small pieces that could be swallowed and it is made out of really resistant materials that can deal with rough treatment.

On the other hand, it is also perfect for adults wanting to get into the world of puzzle objects. So no matter if you are an adult or a child, this box will be perfect for absolutely anyone who loves putting their brain and their dexterity to the test!

8.1Expert Score

See if you are as clever as you think with the world's most nerve-racking box!


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