Rainbow Christmas Tree 7-foot Color Burst Decoration Tree

Are you a big fan of Christmas? Do you love rainbows and bright, fun colours? Want your house to look like the lovechild of a Lisa Frank image and a My Little Pony episode? Are you just really effing gay? If you answered this to any of this questions we have something that is going to make a jump with delight: the Treetopia Rainbow Christmas Tree.

This rainbow Christmas tree is not only the rainbow coloured (squee) but it is of towering size: standing at 7 feet including the stand and 46 inches wide, this tree is so huge you are going to have trouble decorating it (not a problem, though, it is already fabulous enough by itself !). This tree is also high quality, featuring 100% rainbow coloured PVC needles with a 5-year foliage warranty: rest assured that this PVC tree won’t make a little rainbow carpet under itself. In addition, this super cool tree includes a premium white tree stand that is so cool and cute you won’t have to bother with a tree skirt! 

All in all, this rainbow Christmas tree is absolutely perfect if you want this Christmas decoration this year to be fabulous and bright, if you really like bright colours and Lisa Frank, if you are a fan of rainbows or if you are a unicorn yourself (do unicorns celebrate Christmas ?). No matter which one you are, this tree is going to become the highlight of your day and make you giggle like a schoolgirl whenever you look at it!

8.6Expert Score

Nothing is more sensational and cheerful than a rainbow Christmas tree to celebrate this holiday in style.

Easy to assemble

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