Remote Control Car Wall Climbing Car for Kids

After the movie saga Cars, little boys love cars more than ever. Little toy cars will make any young man happy… and let’s be honest, plenty of grown men too (when you grow up, sometimes you stop playing with toy cars to replace them with real cars… however. a lot of us never stopped playing with toy cars!). If you or your kids absolutely adore cars, we would like to introduce you to the super cool remote control car. 

This crazy remote control car is not only really good looking (for reals, look at it, it looks like a fancier Batmobile!) but it is special because… it can climb on walls! Featuring 2 different switches for floor mode and wall mode, just change the mode for your car to be able to drive UP A WALL, A WINDOW OR A CEILING!

Not only that, but this remote car also can do a 360 degrees spin stunt and drift like a real sports car. It also features amazing LED head and rear lights that work just like in a real car (rear activates when backing up, headlights activate when going forward, etc.). The wall climbing car can be recharged by using a standard plug and plugging it into any outlet or even into a computer or power bank! However, the controller requires 6 AA batteries.

Besides, since this car’s main target audience is kids, it is made out of really sturdy, durable materials such as ABS so it won’t break in case of a fall. However, it doesn’t mean that this wall climbing car is not suitable for grown men. No matter what your age is, if you are into a remote control car, this one would make a great piece to add to your collection!

8.2Expert Score

A novel-designed wall climbing car that could climb walls.

Remote Control
Battery life

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