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24 Totally Twisted Rick and Morty Gifts: Let’s Get Schwifty

Since its premiere more than 6 years ago, Rick and Morty has been redefining the genre of adult cartoons. Humorous, bright and full of heart, it’s hardly a surprise that the animated show has taken the world by storm. Given this popularity, the odds are good that you know someone with a bit of an obsession for the fictional scientist and his neurotic grandson. Finding the perfect gift for those science lovers or geek fans in your life is never an easy feat, and if you haven’t personally seen the show, the struggle is definitely real. Fortunately, you can’t go wrong with any of the Rick and Morty gifts we’ve compiled here.

Unique Rick and Morty Gifts

Rick and Morty Portal Gun

This portal gun is quite literally out of this world. While this may not allow you to travel between different universes, it does make for a great gift for all those Rick and Morty collectors out there. This portal gun is fully life-sized and lights up in the dark, allowing you to create your very own portals. It also makes a perfect present when paired with other collectibles. Your friends might not be visiting any alternate dimensions any time soon, but for the time being it’s the next closest thing.

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Rick and Morty Pickle Rick

This Pickle Rick action figure is another great addition to any Rick and Morty fan’s collection. While this Pickle Rick won’t come to life, this neat little collectible stands at around three inches tall and is perfect for displaying on your desk. Give it to your friends and family to guard their workspace and impress their co-workers. This gift also makes a great present when paired with other collectibles like the Portal Gun, and Funko even sells a version equipped with a laser in case you need extra protection.

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Rick and Morty Mr. Meeseeks Coffee Mug

This stylish coffee mug is a great gift for all those Rick and Morty fans out there. Not only is it a great conversation piece, but it’s practical too. This unique coffee mug is capable of holding around 20 oz of your favorite beverage and even comes equipped with a hidden Meeseeks inside. (Just be careful of what you ask for.) The shape itself is designed around the same Meseeks Box seen in the show, and if your friends are the type who can’t survive without a coffee in the mornings then this present is ideal.

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Rick and Morty Exclusive Pint Glass Set

Who doesn’t enjoy a drink when watching their favorite TV show? This set of Rick and Morty themed pint glasses is officially licensed and features two separate designs featuring Morty and Rick, meaning your friends won’t have to choose between their favorite characters. This set also makes for an ideal gift when paired with the Meeseeks coffee mugs. Your friends are guaranteed to get plenty of use out of them, and you can make sure that they drink in style.

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Rick and Morty Action Figure

If you’re still looking for Rick and Morty gifts for all those collectors out there, then this articulated Morty action figure is an ideal choice. This collectible is fully posable, perfect for any impromptu photo opportunities, and makes a perfect gift idea for both young and old fans. Put it on your desk. Take it into the bathtub with you, the sky is the limit. As an added bonus this collectible even comes with a number of accessories including a laser gun and a Mechasuit Snowball arm piece.

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Exoskeleton Snowball 6"

If you’re looking for the perfect companion to the other collectibles in this list, consider the Rick and Morty Exoskeleton Snowball figure. This supersized collectible stands at an impressive six inches tall. And it is a cool desk accessory for displaying at workingstation or home and makes for a great collection when paired with the articulated Morty and Pickle Rick figures. Just make sure that you don’t accidentally call him Snuffles by mistake. When it comes to enslaving the human race, this figure makes for an excellent buddy.

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Rick and Morty Kids Bedding Set

Bedtime never needs to be boring again with this Rick and Morty themed bedding set for kids. This three-piece twin-size set is perfect for all those younger Rick and Morty fans in your family and is super soft and comfortable, ensuring a restful night’s sleep. There’s also a full-sized set for older children (and even adults), because let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a Rick and Morty themed bedding set? It might not send your family and friends to any alternate dimensions, but it’s sure to liven up bedtime.

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Rick and Morty Slippers

This set of Rick and Morty themed slippers is a great gift for all those friends who enjoy a lazy day in. Each slipper comes with a 3D design featuring Morty and Rick respectively and is made using soft cotton, great for keeping those toes warm on frosty mornings. These slippers are perfect for completing the rest of their Rick and Morty collection and makes for a hilarious gag gift. As a bonus, these slippers are also made using only man made materials and feature a cushioned insole to keep your friends comfortable.

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Rick and Morty Adult Unisex Sweatshirt

For the more fashion-conscious fans out there this unique adult sweatshirt makes for an excellent Rick and Morty gift. This officially licensed outfit features both main characters on the front and is suitable for either men or women, making it a great gift idea whether it’s for a friend, family member, or even a romantic partner. This sweatshirt is also made from a mix of cotton and polyester and is perfect for keeping them warm, whether they’re out and about or stuck at home watching interdimensional cable.

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Rick Blue Cosplay Wig

If your friends need a new hairstyle to go with the Rick and Morty t-shirt or sweatshirt then consider buying this hilarious wig. The wig itself comes unstyled so they’ll be able to shape it the way they want, and it even comes included with a free wig cap meaning you don’t need to buy any extra accessories. Whether they need a new outfit for a party or a holiday they just want to shake things up, this cosplay wig is a perfect gift to any Rick and Morty fan’s collection.

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Rick And Morty Portal Heat Reactive Coffee Mug

If you need a companion gift to the Meseeks mug, then this Rick and Morty heat reactive coffee mug is an excellent idea. Simply fill the mug with coffee or any other hot liquid and wait for the design to gradually appear. This officially licensed cup is not only a great conversation piece for your friends, but it’s also an ideal choice for all those sleepyheads who need their caffeine fix in the mornings. If you’re looking for a Rick and Morty gift that your friends and family will use day after day, then look no further.

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Rick and Morty Collectable Coin Bank

For those unorganized friends with pockets full of loose change, this Rick and Morty themed collectible coin bank makes for a practical gift. The coin bank itself is shaped like the UFO seen in the show, so they can rest assured that their stash will be well guarded. This present is also officially licensed and can be displayed as a collectible too, although they won’t be flying off to another dimension any time soon. Keep in mind that this product is limited, so if you want one before the stocks run out you’d better hurry.

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Rick 3D Printed Hoodies

Bundling up shouldn’t come at the cost of style! This colorful range of hoodies from Remikstyt are equal parts fashionable and funny. Your friends and family will appreciate the familiar faces Rick and Morty, as well as countless humorous references to the beloved cartoon hidden in each design. Whether they’re a casual viewer or a die-hard fan, this unique gift will surely suit their tastes.

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Mr Meeseeks Unisex Sleep Set

Hoodie not enough to satisfy your loved ones’ Rick and Morty obsession? With the Mr. Meeseeks sleep set, they can now insert themselves into the show as they climb into bed. It makes for a cozy, comfortable set of pajamas for their next Rick and Morty weekend marathon! The Rick and Morty sleep set has been officially licensed by Cartoon Network, ensuring that your loved ones will be receiving a well-made, high-quality gift to enjoy for years to come.

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Rick Extended Size Gaming Mouse Pad

Featuring the unimpressed face of either Rick or Morty, this mouse pad by Warehouse guarantees that your pal’s favorite animated protagonist will never be too far away. Durable and non-slip, the extended mouse pad allows both gamer lovers and Rick fans to get lost in their virtual world without interruption. Know someone who could use a desk makeover? Get them a gaming mouse pad in the image of America’s favorite scientist.

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Rick Action Figure

White lab coat? Check. Spiky gray hair? Check. Flask in hand? Check again! The Funko Rick figurine is an honest memorial to the mad scientist himself, truly capturing the essence of Rick Sanchez through and through. Get your friends an adorable gift for their bedroom, their office, their beer fridge – wherever they want! You can’t go wrong with this miniature model of the lovable reckless grandpa.

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Rick and Morty Ship Dumping Adult T-Shirt

For Rick and Morty fans interested in some more subtle show apparel, Ripple Junction presents this a top with minimal fluorescence. The Spaceship Adult Dumping t-shirt comes in a variety of basic monotone colors, a far cry from the loud hues of the 3D printed hoodie and Rick and Morty sleep set, making it a less off-putting gift for introverted fans of the show. 

Despite this calm background, the quality of the t-shirt remains obvious: the image of Rick and Morty in the ship is beautifully illustrated, and the specks of green and blue in the background combine for an attractive graphic tee almost reminiscent of those from the 90s. Any Rick and Morty lovers would be proud to own such a well thought-designed t-shirt.

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Rick and Morty Edition Portal Enamel Pin

No fan of Rick and Morty could ever forget the blinding green hues of Rick’s portal. This beautiful enamel pin captures in full the mesmerizing sight, transporting fans back to the first time they saw its light. The pin is entirely attention-grabbing with its vibrant colors and iridescent sheen, a perfect finishing touch to any bag or outfit. This is a present your loved ones aren’t going to want to miss.

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Rick and Morty Wall Banner

A tapestry can be the ideal gift for those Rick and Morty lovers who want to pull a room together. For any young fans living on their own for the first time, it’s time to decorate the way you want – complete with cartoon goofiness hung upon the wall! Anyone of the detailed tapestry designs is sure to add some excitement to your walls, so why wait? It’s time to get decorating!

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Rick and Morty Anatomy Park Game

The best part of loving a show is sharing that passion with those around you. Once you’ve gotten your friends hooked, Rick and Morty is the perfect show to laugh about over a round of cold drinks and an interesting, unique board game. Anatomy Park is a brilliant gift for fans who enjoy a challenge, with strategy and cooperation the cornerstones of succeeding in your mission. The references to the show sprinkled throughout the tiles only add to the humor and the chaos of the game.

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It's Time to Get Schwifty Adult T-Shirt

Chances are you and your loved ones have used this memorable quote a fair few times over the years. As with the previous Rick and Morty ship t-shirt, “It’s Time to Get Schwifty” is a high-quality top that your friends will never want to take off. The design is colorful without being overwhelming, an ideal gift for a laid back day about town. 100% cotton material makes for a comfortable, well-fitted garment that is as easy to care for as it is to wear. It’s time to prepare your loved ones for their new favorite shirt.

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Rick and Morty ID Badge Holder

Growing up doesn’t mean you have to abandon your love of cartoons! If your neighborhood professional can’t shake their obsession with Cartoon Network’s hit show, why not celebrate it instead? The Rick and Morty ID sleeve and lanyard are perfect gifts for securing your badge or name tag in style as Rick, Morty and a plethora of unforgettable friends adorn this cool accessory. There’s no better juxtaposition of adult professionalism and childhood fun!

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Rick and Morty Bifold Wallet

There’s no better representation of the show than that of Rick downing his drink as Morty looks on in terror. Fans will obsess over the exterior of this bi-fold wallet’s, a colorful recreation of this classic scene. On the inside, the wallet is still fully functional, including slots for cards, ID and, of course, a pocket for cash. This unique gift can bring joy to any Rick and Morty fans, even on those days when the inside remains bare!

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Rick and Morty Card Game

Hilarious, colorful and fun, Total Rickall brings Rick and Morty to life like never before. Though simple to learn, this card game will keep you and your loved ones in stitches for a long time to come. Additional rules for advanced players keep the excitement high even after you’ve learned the game, guaranteeing that your family and friends will never grow bored of identifying parasites. If you know a gamer with a love for the drunk scientist, they’ll get a kick out of taking on the Rick and Morty gift for themselves.

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The unique list we have compiled below will help you sort out the best Rick and Morty gifts from the bland and make a decision for the special someone you know. From portal guns to Pickle Rick figures, from Rick and Morty t-shirt to funny coffee mugs, there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone. So, let’s get schwifty! 

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