Robotic Arm Edge Programable Robot Arm Kit for Adults & Kids

Are you bananas about Wall-E and love everything robotics? Interested in Artificial Intelligence, programming, and learning the internal workings of machines? Or do you have a child that is particularly interested in science? Want them to harbour a lifelong love of science that will make them likely to go into the STEM field? Well, then we have the perfect gadget for you: the Robotic arm edge!

This amazingly simple to use robotic arm is really cool because it doesn’t require any soldering, which is always a plus, but it also requires a small amount of assemblage so you can go to town almost as soon as you take it out of the box! This robot arm has a magnificent range of movement with a radial wrist motion of 120 degrees, extensive elbow range of 300 degrees, base rotation of 270 degrees and base motion of 180 degrees.

In addition, it can pick up about 100 grams of weight, so you can easily learn how to operate its dual motors and test how much weight it will stand! Requiring 4D-size batteries, this little robotic arm is perfect for beginner to intermediate robot builders that want to expand their knowledge of robotics.

Most importantly, if you have a kid that is expressing an interest in learning how robots work, do not hesitate: this toy will be perfect for them. Experiment with it, help them learn its capabilities and help them get interested in robotics by spending quality time with them, helping them build and operate this robotic arm!

7.9Expert Score

Find out how fun it can be to have a full command of the robotic arm kit to move and pick up things.

Remote Control
Range of motion

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