Rocket Lamp 3D Print Space Shuttle Lamp Rechargeable for Rocket Lovers

With this whole “Let’s raid area 51, they can’t stop us all” meme, it’s quite likely that your kids have gotten an interest into space, NASA, aliens and astronauts. It is possible that they have always had this interest, but it has just gotten exacerbated with the meme and all the NASA paraphernalia becoming the new fashion trend. If you want to make them as happy as can be and have them scream with joy at their incredibly amazing, fantastic gift how about getting them the rocket lamp this Christmas?

This incredibly cool, the fun rocket lamp has had the rocket launch fire created by a 3D printer for maximum accuracy, beauty and attention to detail; while the carefully crafted rocket part is detachable so your kids can play with it and look at it really closely. Also, the light inside is beautiful, easy to charge, easy to replace and it has a light modulator in the button that will allow you to turn the light setting from dim to bright.

In addition, this rocket lamp comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and 12 months working warranty so you can replace it if it stops working! So if you have a kid that is into the alien memes, is a fan of space or NASA, wants to become an astronaut or really, really loves rockets and cool stuff, this rocket lamp is going to make them say “ayy lmao” (It’s a meme. Kids insist this is what aliens would say if they came to Earth. No, we don’t get it either.)

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Decorate your kids space themed room and let their dreams take off with the rocket lamp.

Unique design

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