Roll Up Keyboard Foldable Silicone Waterproof Keyboard

Sometimes, you need to transport your keyboard, but you don’t want to add any more bulk to your already heave and big load, see for example a LAN party. Or it could be that you dislike traditional keyboards because they are bulky, clickety, difficult to clean and prone to accumulating bacteria. Well, it doesn’t mean that ordinary keyboards can be replaced, but for people busy at meetings or love travelling, a roll up keyboard might be a good alternative.

Not only is the roll up keyboard lightweight and incredibly easy to transport, but also the silicone material is soft and comfortable to the touch: it attract less bacteria, dust and oil that a traditional plastic keyboard with raised keys does (you might need a cyber clean paste), and it is also really easy to clean if it actually gets dirty, since it is waterproof too. Softly wet a napkin and clean the keyboard (please don’t put the keyboard underwater. It might be waterproof, but it isn’t all-terrain).

Of course, the keys are membrane-type, so they are silent, and produce little feedback with a soft touch. While this keyboard is made to be sturdy and resistant, please don’t twist it, spill liquids on it or overall use it for weird things that are NOT the intended use.

All in all, this roll up keyboard is great if for whatever reason you need a keyboard that is easy to transport and takes up little space. It could be a secondary keyboard for the office. or if you really enjoy knowing one of the dirtiest surfaces of your entire house (this is factual. Studies prove the dirtiest thing on your house is either your keyboard or your smartphone screen), you’ll realize how important it is to own a clean and washable keyboard.

8.5Expert Score

Improve your workflow with this flexible and ultra-portable keyboard.

Easy to clean

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