29 Romantic Gifts for Him That’ll Make His Heart Flutter

Not all men are into hearts, flowers, or chocolates. Bring in the romance while keeping up with the manly vibe with a few simple items that will make his heart flutter. The value of a gift is not on the price but on how it warms his heart with his interest taken into account. Enjoy each moment as you pick up romantic gifts for him. Let him know how awesome and loved he is. Pick one of these items below to rekindle the fire and melt his heart once again.

Romantic Gifts for Him

Jerky Heart

The adage that the best way to any man’s heart is through their stomach will never grow old. Get a straight bull’s eye to his heart in the meatiest and juiciest way. The jerky heart will not only let your man feel your warmth but will also fill his appetite. If you are looking for a unique way to brighten the Valentine without going for conventional presents, Jerky heart is the answer.

Satisfy his cravings for savory food with 10 delicious beef jerky flavors. What better way to present these delectable items but to wrap them in a heart box? He will never know that it’s full of juicy treats until he opens the box. From this day forth, heart-shaped boxes will never be the same again!

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Funny Card

Tickle your significant other’s funny bones for an anniversary or birthday. Go extraordinary with a card that says “Love You with All of My Bo*bs.” He will be laughing his heart out before he even reads your message on the card. This is an excellent way to show your love without being dramatic. Seeing a smile on his face is the best way to celebrate your big day. Pour all your emotions in the blank page or make it light and fluffy like its cover. This is a card that will hit the top spot and one for the boo*s.

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Girlfriend Body Pillow

Is your man suffering from insomnia? Treat him with something that will guarantee a good night’s sleep safely in the arms of someone you approve. Keep him company with the girlfriend body pillow. Its soft and velvety touch with the shape of a woman’s body will send him off to sleep while thinking of you.

Distance will no longer be a reason why he’ll feel lonely at night because he can snuggle in your arms despite your absence. Enhance your relationship while beating stress and strain because of your distance from each other. Built to last, it will accompany him until you meet each other again.

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Six Pack Beer Box

Even if your man does not have a 6-pack, this six-pack box will send butterflies in his stomach. Chocolates and flowers are not the only way to show your romantic side. Spruce up some fun for your man’s birthday with the beer box. The “heart you” design gives an overload of sweetness that will warm every single part of his body. Add in a special note for his birthday or anniversary. Then, include his favorite craft beer to seal the deal. Certified beer lover boyfriends will be touched with this simple gesture he will remember for years to come. Gifts don’t always have to be expensive as what matters is that his interest and your love come first.

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Custom Star Map

Stars align at the exact moment when a special moment happens in your life, from your significant other’s birthday to the day you met. Capture the time when all these events happen with a star map customized to the actual time and day they happened. Printed on high-quality paper, you will see the actual appearance of the sky down to a specific date and time. Go all out to the heavens to show your love for your man. Ditch the usual presents with a thoughtful gift he’ll remember for life.

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Bliss Collections Love Coupons

Not just pieces of paper but coupons to warm your days as a couple. A pleasant and heart-fluttering present he will love to have for his birthday. It is a gift that he can redeem anytime which will create wonderful memories between you and your man. The love coupons are a unique romantic treat perfect for any occasion which will make him feel special and brag about for life. Let him decide when he is going to use the 15 coupons. This is a special treat that no expensive items can surpass. 

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Ring for Kiss Desk Bell

Even the manliest of men will not be able to resist this novelty bell. He might bring it along with him no matter how ridiculous it looks. Because why not? The benefit of one ring will make even the toughest man weak. Get playful with your man with one ring. Each ring on the bell gives him one sweet kiss. The value it brings enhances the relationship through those small kisses spread throughout the day. Maybe ask him not to bring it outside and save the sweet moments in the house when you are left alone.

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Playboy New York Eau De Toilette Spray

Bring in some playful romance for Valentine’s Day with a Playboy perfume that smells nice and looks cool at the same time. Wrap up this manly scent blending in Apple, Vanilla, Lime, Tonka, Vetiver, And Pepper. Get him into feels with this cologne that will last him for months. He will never get tired of wearing the same perfume over and over again, bringing in the playboy flair every single time. The size is easy enough to slip in any backpack, ready to spray when the fragrance wears off. It’s neither too strong nor weak, enough to add a whiff of citrus, fruity and peppery smell on the skin.

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Custom Picture Frame

Be creative in putting your best memories together for your spouse or boyfriend to see. Ditch the old photo books, go resourceful with a personalized photo Rubik’s cube. It is not the one you have in mind as it is made from a custom crystal photo frame. For your next anniversary, choose at least 3 of your fondest memories captured in a picture. Encase these photos in a transparent crystal to preserve them for life. The crystal picture cube comes with a frame holder. Thus, it can be used as a paperweight or desk decor in his office or study.

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Plaster Hand Mold Casting Kit

Nothing is as sweeter as preserving sweet moments with your loved ones that will last a lifetime. If you are looking for something fun and unique, the hand casting kit is highly recommended. It may look intimidating but it is fairly easy and safe to use as long as you follow the instructions properly. Even kids can use it. The kit includes everything you need to cast a mold for your hands. Inside it, you’ll get a plastic molding bucket, molding powder, casting stone powder, sandpapers, de-molding stick, paintbrush, and acrylic paints among others. Set the mold on the round wood base that came with it.

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Foster & Rye Snapshot Flask

Get tipsy in a flash with the stainless-steel snapshot flask. For a man who loves photography and whiskey, this flask will surely make him the maverick. The camera-shaped flask is an interesting item that will stand the test of time with its vintage design. He can sneak in liquor anywhere without being caught. It comes with a removable neck strap which makes it handy and portable. A great bar accessory that can be displayed on the shelf or brought along to parties or campouts. 

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Compass Necklace

Don’t let your man wander off. Give him a compass necklace so he can find his way back to you. More than this, the compass pendant has a deeper meaning, giving your man the courage to navigate life, follow his dream and reach his goals. Made from 316L stainless steel that is hypoallergenic and durable, this unique compass pendant gives off a vibe of a man that is set to conquer the world. Add a statement to your man’s regular outfit, and compliments will come aplenty. He will want to wear this necklace every day.

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Mr.Van Watch Movement Cufflinks

Express your love with elegant cufflinks. Your man will look like a millionaire with these cufflinks to compliment his suit. The Mr.Van watch movement cufflinks provide a polished look, perfect for the suit he will wear on his wedding day or for a special event. Handmade from quality environmental brass materials, it is made to last as it’ll never fade or go out of shape. Designed with the element of a mechanical watch, it gives off an artistic vibe. Plus, it comes with an elegant gift box that matches the sophisticated accessory. 

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Custom Face Novelty Boxer

Tired of sending the same birthday or anniversary presents for your significant other? If you are up for a funny and memorable one, go for the face shorts, a secret that you and your man can keep for years. Face shorts has an interesting feature where you can have your face printed on your man’s boxer shorts. Simply upload your picture, choose whether you want a repeating pattern or a single shot with an “interesting” pose. Your boyfriend or spouse will be smiling from ear to ear seeing your picture on his boxers. Bring out his adventurous side and let him wear it when you are together. At least, no one knows aside from you and him.

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Couples Magnetic Mutual Attraction Bracelets

A match made in heaven deserves cute matching bracelets to symbolize eternal love. Couples wearing magnetic charms draw them close to each other. Let your man know how much you treasure and adore him. Surprise him with these matching bracelets that come with a message card and a wish envelope.

Seal the velvet pouch and message card with the sweet promises of your undying love. Made from natural stones and silver magnetic spells, it is an accessory your boyfriend will wear as it is chic and romantic at the same time. Walking hand-in-hand with the matching bracelets makes each moment last forever in the most romantic way.

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Custom Sound Wave Art Print

The most romantic gifts are often unexpected and one-of-a-kind. Surprise your man with a unique sound wave art that will pique his interest. This will surely make him smile from ear to ear and make her heart flutter. If your boyfriend or husband loves music, he will be enthralled at the sweet gesture of having his favorite song or your theme song framed on the wall.

For others, it will look like ordinary wall art. But, for you and your loved one, it contains your most precious thoughts of him. Print the sound wave or voice art on a cold press paper. Have him scan the soundwave to hear the music or voice it is linked to. A secret that only the two of you will cherish.

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Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex

Love may not be as easy to decode but often it doesn’t have to be explained. Sometimes mystery can deepen the relationship, trying to unravel each other’s charm. Give your boyfriend who loves puzzles and mysteries a treat with the Da Vinci mini cryptex. Make his day extra special with exquisite and romantic stuff to decode. You have the option to change or keep the default password ILOVEU. Watch his face lighten up after decoding the cryptex. Inside, he will receive another surprise that will blow his mind away. Unveil the sweet mystery with a pair of beautiful rings, one for each of you.

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Piece of Land

Be the adventurous one and get your man something that will sweep him off his feet. Show your boss babe with an unimaginable idea that will make your man’s jaw drop. Shower him with love from a piece of land from the land of romance – France. If he has always dreamt of going to France, he will be utterly surprised when he finds out he owns a piece of this romantic place.

By getting this piece of land, you will get an official title deed of the property. He will also have access to the entire property without the hassles of taxes and local regulations. Who would think owning a piece of land will be this less complicated and romantic?

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Personalized Favorite Song Blanket

You can never go wrong with a customized present for the man you cherish. At the end of the day, it is the thought and compassion that weigh more than the price. The value of an item increases the more sentimental it grows into. Get your man a custom blanket to demonstrate your affection and devotion.

The fleece custom blanket will stand the test of time and keep them warm. Made from super soft fleece, it’ll make wintry nights full of passion and affection. Embrace your man with the heartwarming blanket to chase the blues away. All the while staring at the most precious picture imprinted on the fleece throw you both shared.

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Hand-Painted Romantic Sculpture

When you care for someone, you chisel away the unpleasant memories and mistakes. Mold them with love, not to neglect who they are but to complement each other. An excellent representation of this undying romance is a couple figure. When words are not enough, an image or sculpture captures the essence of love. The charming couple figure is sculptured and hand-painted, which makes it delicate. It is a brilliant piece of art that can be displayed on the shelf or even on the wedding cake. Carefully packed in a good quality box, it is good to go as a present to celebrate a memorable occasion.

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Cute Message in a Bottle

Who doesn’t love Nicholas Sparks’s message in a bottle? Cheesy but sweet. Sending a message bottle will always remain thoughtful and worthwhile to the recipient. And if your man doesn’t mind being Kevin Costner for a day, surprise him with something unique that will put a smile on his face. The message bottle is a classy present he can keep anywhere he goes. The message bottle is a lovely tiny jar that bears a sweet message for your significant other. Delicately crafted and decorated to capture the sparkles in your eyes. Inside the jar, it has the picture of the world and the words “You are my world” written on a piece of paper.

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Gaming Coffee Mug

When words fail, gifts can remind your significant other of how precious they are. For your fiancé who loves games, surprise him with a sweet coffee mug that says, “I Promise To Love You When We’re Old and You Still Play Video Games.” His face will light up knowing he is loved, regardless.

Morning coffees will be warmer and smoother with the double-sided printed cup. Even black coffee will not taste bitter but sweeter with the cute message on the mug. Get him to jump on his day with a loving reminder of your love and support. It is an item he can use for thousands of mornings with you.

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The Original Oversized Wearable Blanket

Loving someone means you want them to be comfortable all the time. Make your significant other feel comfy and warm with The Comfy wearable blanket. Don’t let the chilly weather bother them too much. The wearable blanket provides ultimate softness even while walking around. Experience the luxurious feel of the oversized fleece wearable blanket in one go. Your man doesn’t need to stay in bed all the time. With the blanket, he can rollover the couch, walk around, or slump on the floor and still feel cozy and warm. Christmas is the best time to pull out these oversized fluffy hoodies.

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Romantic Box Sign

Be classy, not cheesy in showing your affection for your man. Decorate his pad with a thoughtful yet elegant box sign with the message I LOVE YOU. With the distressed paint design, it can also be an excellent paperweight or decor on his workstation. Measuring only 3″ x 3″ he can place it anywhere in his office or house. Expressing your love for your man doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as a box sign to accompany him all the time. Add character to his bare space with a unique and chic box design that reminds him every day of how much you treasure him.

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Scratch Off Date Ideas Card

Want to have fun and memorable date nights without stressing your boyfriend? Make each date something both of you can look forward to without stressing over the details. The date night ideas board game will spice everything up in your next get-together. Including 35 various ideas with 2 scratchers, it will make you fall in love all over again. Challenge each other with these hilarious ideas and get to know each other in the process. Make each moment count as you deepen your relationship while having fun. Bring the excitement back to your date nights as if going on a date for the first time.

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What I Love about You Today Pad

Spur-of-the-moment gestures like leaving notes never fail to bring a fuzzy feel to anyone. Add some sparkles to your relationship using the knock-knock pad. If he is not the type who pens a love letter, he might actually like the idea of a tick box with a few scribbles to leave warm messages. Romantic presents don’t have to be about their interests alone. It can be items that will enrich your relationship with each other.

The pad has multiple items he can choose from. Tick one or go crazy in scribbling answers for multiple questions. You can also jump in and write some notes for him using the same notepad. Multiply the love with simple sweet nothings to fill your days.

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Solar System Crystal Ball Paperweight

For the person who means the universe to you, amaze him with this one-of-a-kind planet paperweight. No need to have hearts and love written on them. Romance is all about finding the right item to showcase your devotion to the man you love. Even men who are not into astronomy will find the planet paperweight simple but elegant.

Packaged in a high-quality gift box, it’s ready to be delivered as a Christmas present anytime. This will look good on a shelf or your man’s desk in the office. Capture the entire solar system in a crystal ball through this exquisite planet paperweight. It’s a head-turner and a great conversation starter for anyone who sees it.

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Leather Magnetic Money Clip

Every man needs a wallet or money clip. Often, a man’s wallet has a generic feel and vibe to it. So, it pays to have it customized to reflect more of their personality and brand. He will be touched at the simple gesture making his wallet distinct from the rest. The process of ordering the personalized money clip is simple. Send in your instructions as to what you like to engrave. Choose the font and placement on the money clip. In a few days, your order is ready to ship for your man.

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elago Duo Silicone Case

Safeguard your significant other’s treasured possession with an elago Apple AirPod case. Every music lover or businessman out there has a pair of air pods in their stash. However, due to its size, misplacing or dropping them is inevitable. Ensure this does not happen with the use of an elago Apple AirPod case.

The case acts as a charging port for his AirPods too. Thus, it doesn’t only protect the pods but also recharge them, ready to use anytime. The silicone cover keeps the pods from being damaged. Not only useful but chic too. With the simple yet sophisticated design, it will woo the heart of your loved one.

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