49 Cool Science Gifts for Curious Minds In Your Life

No matter how much you know about the world, there is always more to learn and new ideas to explore. Perhaps no one understands this better than the scientific community, a group committed to uncovering all of life’s mysteries. If you’ve been searching cool science gifts for your loved ones who also have a passion and curious mind, why not help them explore the fascinating mechanics of the universe?

For those struggling to find the right present, in this list, you will find a compilation of cool science gifts that manage to appeal to the logic and reason of the science geek’s mind and also present the opportunity to learn about and celebrate the incredible science that dictates our world.

Cool Science Gifts

Makey Makey Invention Kit

We all love to keep up with the latest tech, but have you ever wondered what’s going on behind the screens? For your young, developing scientists, the greatest gift you can provide is a healthy curiosity that can drive them to innovate, and there is perhaps no better way to instill that curiosity than with the entertaining Makey Makey invention kit.

With the instructions, wires, and fun additional parts, science lovers have all the gear they need to run 1000’s of tests with engineering and inventing. Don’t get the growing mind a new console – get them the kit that motivates them to build their own controller! And rather than an expensive keyboard, why not help them build their own keyboard out of production? With Makey Makey, you can reinvent how your young scientist-in-training approaches the world and expand their creativity, preparing them for success from the very beginning.

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Metal Melting Gallium

Science enthusiasts know the most exciting way to discover the world is to interact with it. For your curious science lover’s special day, don’t settle for a textbook or an informational film – get them a gift they can experience first-hand! Melting Gallium, element 31 on the periodic table, is a rarely-discussed metal that is safe for a science nerd to manipulate, test, and experiment on, allowing them to learn about this essential element for themselves.

Each order comes with 100 grams of 99.99% pure gallium stored conveniently in 2 separate 50-gram vials – more than enough to satisfy your science geek’s curiosity. Encourage your scientist’s desire to test and observe with Melting Gallium and watch your young Einstein get to work!

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Root-Vue Self-Watering Farm

Scientists pride themselves on their devotion to observation. The creators of the Root-Vue Farm understand the value of observation to the scientific method and incorporated this intrinsic skill into their own child-friendly science project. Root-Vue Farm is a garden designed to teach young scientists about plant propagation from a brand new perspective: underground.

Once your loved one plants their 3 seed packets in the planting box, the built-in acrylic window provides a first-hand view of the incredible growth taking place just beneath the soil’s surface. This cool science gift includes everything required to enjoy the farm – planting box, growth mix, seeds, labels, informational booklet, and even a growth chart for monitoring plant progress – so scientists can get to work on their research the moment that they open the box.

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MudWatt STEM Kit

How do you learn about something invisible to the naked eye? With MudWatt, the vast world of microbes is within your favorite science lover’s reach! By tending and growing their microbial colony, scientists can increase the electrical output of their MudWatt, powering up the attached LED blinker and clock.

As they monitor the changing output of their colony, your scientist will come to understand the interaction between the soil that they can see and the microscopic life that they can’t, granting them a glimpse of the power of a microbe. In the MudWatt kit, science geeks will receive 2 power-collecting disks, the LED light, a digital clock, a container, gloves, instructions, and access to the MudWatt app, ready to teach them all there is to know about the world of microbes.

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Periodic Table Blocks

Learn the periodic table with fun, colorful blocks that transform the bland, 2-dimensional chart into an interactive experience! Each of the 20 cubes included in the Uncle Goose block set features a different element name, symbol, and atomic number upon each of its 6 faces, helping curious science lovers to learn up to 120 unique elements that comprise our modern world.

Made with non-toxic ink and soft basswood, the periodic table blocks are completely safe for scientists young and old alike and made in the USA, this colorful gift is a product of safe, ethical design practices. Now, your youngest science nerds can discover some of the planet’s harshest chemical substances without any danger to their well-being – a true win-win for both the parents and the children.

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Subatomic Atom Building Game

It can be difficult for a science nerd to get those around them as hyped about their favorite interest. Subatomic makes learning science fun for everyone, though, both professional scientists and novices alike. The strategic element-building game boasts scientifically accurate lessons while still providing a fun, challenging game of intuition for those ages 10 and up, ensuring one of the most entertaining chemistry classes anyone at the table has had to date.

No two games of Subatomic will be the same, making this gift ideal for family game night, for science teachers looking to make learning a thrill, or for science geeks hoping to introduce their friends to the world of protons, neutrons, and electrons.

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Heritage Periodic Table of Elements

Every science fan is familiar with the periodic table, but until now, the names on the said table have been nothing more than letters on a page. Even scientists are prone to forgetting just how real each element on that table truly is – until now.

This unique Periodic Table highlights the diversity of the Earth’s precious elements by displaying each front and center in a bed of clear acrylic. Silver, gold, gallium: all are proudly displayed on this genuine collection of elements regardless of their individual worth. While, in the interest of safety, radioactive elements are not included in this incredible gift, your scientist will still adore the full collection of 83 unique elements, brought together like never before in the Periodic Table.

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Outer Space 3D Planets Puzzle

Many scientists find their true fascination lies not within the Earth, but beyond it. Science fans with a passion for outer space can work their creativity and logical reasoning as they put together the Space Puzzle, the educational and entertaining map of the planets as they orbit around the sun. With 146 pieces, the 3D puzzle is a great gift for astronomers as young as 5; Of course, a love for science has no age limit, and even the passionate adult can appreciate the gorgeous imagery featured in this galactic puzzle. For a science gift that is truly out of this world, search no further than the stellar Space Puzzle!

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Stress Relieving Physics Egg

Step away from the complex equations and relax with the incredible powers of ellipsoidal rotation! It’s hard to pull your eyes away from the unusual behavior of the Physics Egg as it dances upon its mirrored base, rocking and tilting seemingly at random. Sit back and enjoy the hypnotic spin as you meditate, or if you’re more of a scientist by nature, observe the laws of momentum and electrodynamics in action. It makes for a unique science geek gift and an interesting introduction to the complexity of ellipsoids and angular momentum.

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Unique Math Equation Wall Clock

For many of us, finishing our final math class was a moment of relief, and I’m sure very few long to return to the days of high school calculus. However, if you have someone in your life that just can’t get enough of square roots, PEMDAS and cross multiplication, this is the best science gift for them. Rather than marking the hours with straightforward numerals, this wall clock represents each hour with an algebra equation. Want to know the time? You better have a calculator on hand!

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Chemist's Spice Rack Set

What is cooking if not a mad science experiment? Your friendly science geek will rediscover their love of cooking with these beakers and vials to store their spices and oils. Each beaker and vial is labeled with an abbreviation and name, reminiscent of those found on the periodic table. If you have a chemist friend, then you can’t go wrong with chemistry gifts. Watch them turn their kitchen into their own private chemistry laboratory!

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Periodic Tableware Beaker Wine Glass

Hypothesis: IF you give your friend a beaker wine glass, THEN they will be one happy scientist. A well-crafted glass in a form familiar to any science geek, the beaker wine glass combines two of life’s most precious gifts – scientific curiosity and alcohol. Now whoever said that food and drink were prohibited from the lab? In a pinch, the beaker wine glass can double as a convenient measuring tool. Durable and dishwasher safe, this glass is a truly practical addition to any kitchen.

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Iron Man Science T Shirt

Show your love for your favorite Marvel superhero while challenging your friends to recall their days in high school chemistry by gifting them the Iron Man T-shirt. This t-shirt, though not an immediately obvious reference to the legendary man in the iron suit, makes far more sense after a brief consultation with the periodic table. While some might find the shirt to be a bit out of their element, any of your science geek friends will get a kick out of this clever superhero memorabilia.

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Pi Pie Pan

Forget March 14 – from here on out, any day can be the pi day! Though typically relegated to the trigonometry classroom, pi can now feature front and center on your dining room table. Mathematicians will appreciate the punny nature of this dessert, while the rest of us can enjoy the tasty fruit filling and crispy crust of a well-made pie. Unfortunately, this pi will not go on forever, but the memories of a truly hilarious dessert from this funny science gift may just endure.

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Atomic Table Desk Lamp

Different from shopping funny gag gifts, gifts for science lovers can be particularly difficult to search for – accuracy and universal insight are vital to giving the optimal “geek gifts”, and may not always be accessible to friends or family. This creative light fixture takes a shape that physicists will instantly recognize. The Atomic Light – so-called for its unique form based upon the shape of an atom – is a genuinely tasteful desk lamp that fits into any home. Black-wire electrode paths surrounding a proton and neutron string-light core make for a tasteful light fixture that can appeal to even the most mature of science geeks.

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Radioactive Elements Glowing Coaster Set

Welcome to the new age of elemental coasters! This light-up coaster set includes four radioactive entries from the periodic table: radium (lit up red), thorium (lit up yellow), uranium (lit up green) and plutonium (lit up blue). The unique, colorful appearance of each coaster will make it easy to remember which drink is yours the next time your brain trust gathers for drinks.

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Cooking for Science Geeks

True culinary mastery is more complicated than memorizing a few recipes. For those who yearn to understand the mechanics of their world, “Cooking for Geeks” is a thorough explanation as to how your decisions in the kitchen contribute to the overall quality of your completed meals. If you know someone who is always asking “why?”, “Cooking for Geeks” is the recipe book of their dreams.

If your geek friend needs a bit more motivation to get into the kitchen, this science gift pairs excellently with the Chemist’s Spice Rack as discussed previously. Redesign their entire cooking experience by transforming their kitchen into a chemist’s lab, complete with experimental procedures!

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Green Computer Circuit Board Socks

Circuit board socks could be one of the most unique computer science gifts. The detailed patterns of a circuit board are an impressive sight to behold. Your loved ones with some background in electrical engineering will especially appreciate the detailed imagery presented on this fascinating pair of socks. The polyester and spandex material of this pair of socks ensures comfort and breath-ability for your feet as you rock these digital delights.

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Linux is User Friendly Mouse Pad

This humorous take on the compatibility of Linux is a sentiment that I’m sure many of us would agree with. Know someone fed up with their tiresome Linux system? Seen broken Linux code one too many times? Then you can’t miss the geek mouse pad. The comical phrasing on this geek-chic mouse pad is bound to improve their spirits (even if it can’t improve their code).

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Stirling Engine Model Kit

Though it looks like something straight out of steampunk fantasy, the Stirling engine is actually conveniently available on Amazon. This engine works well as an educational tool or just as a centerpiece in your science lover’s office; just place hot water underneath the wheel and watch in awe as the engine powers itself. The Stirling engine is safe and easy to use for all ages and is certainly one of the most educational science gifts for kids or any science fanatic.

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Academy da Vinci Clock

From the mind of history’s most creative inventor and into the hands of your loved ones. Based on sketches by the man himself, the da Vinci clock is a represent of cool science gifts for adults and kids. Pendulums, pulleys, and gears are all put together by the recipient themself, requiring precision and focus. Once built, they can boast of their da Vinci-Esque construction abilities (and display this nifty clock as a demonstration of their skills). Do you know someone up to the task?

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Albert Einstein V1 Bobblehead

If you’ve been shopping for cool science gifts for a loved one with a passionate, geek mind, the Einstein bobblehead is a quality collectible that commemorates the man who shaped the face of modern science. What make’s the Royal Bobbles’ take on the scientist stand out is Einstein’s neat aesthetic and the careful details that went into the design of this high-quality bobblehead. Though only 8 inches tall, the presence of Einstein is sure to fill up the entire room.

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Anki Vector Robot

Imagine Alexa placed on wheels and you should get an idea of the incredible capabilities of the Vector Robot. Anki’s robotic companion is a voice-activated helper with a range of useful tools and abilities that are constantly being expanded upon. What’s more, the Vector Robot is able to charge itself so that you can’t forget to do so yourself. An incredible technological feat, Vector is the perfect present for those short on time or on the go.

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OWI Robotic Arm Edge

Know a child with a love of science fiction? This kit for building your own robotic arm is one of the best science gifts for kids to introduce them to the real-life world of technological engineering. By following the instructions included with the kit, your kids will be able to construct their fully-functional robotic arm from start to finish. Watch their amazement grow as they make connections and their construction takes shape.

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Morphsuits Adults Monster Costume

Reimagine your friends stripped down to their robotic core. This unique gift costume will allow you to do just that, transforming your friend’s familiar face into that of the mechanical impostor. And if androids aren’t your thing, the Morphsuit comes in 20 creepy designs up to size XX-Large to suit any horror fantasy. Pick and choose the costumes that reflect the monsters inside of your family and friends, and prepare yourself for a spooky season.

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Magnetic Levitating LED Light Bulb

Still not sure what science gifts to get for your geek friends? Get ready for a light bulb moment! The levitating bulb is a remarkable example of the powers of induction and magnetism. There’s no magic and no hidden wires involved; magnetic forces keep the bulb afloat and, despite the absence of an apparent electrical connection, the light remains responsive to the power button by means of aerial induction. It’s a truly noteworthy lamp that scientists especially are guaranteed to love.

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Programmable DIY Robot Kit

When you imagine building a robot, you probably imagine constructing a mechanical creature programmed to carry out your bidding. With the Sunfounder Robotics kit, that is exactly what your loved ones will be doing. While simple enough for kids to assemble, the real attraction of this man-made friend is the ability to program him to adopt a number of behaviors. Introduce your kids or adults alike to the amazing worlds of robotics and coding with this cool DIY science gift!

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Elenco FM Radio Kit

For those lacking insight into the inner workings of electronics, making a radio function can seem like black magic (and I do speak from experience here). If you know someone with the interest and drive to understand the basics of circuit boards and electric signals, the FM radio kit is the ideal gift choice. The skills learned through constructing this radio are priceless to an up-and-coming engineer, while the feeling of satisfaction, once they pick up a signal, is undeniable.

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QuadHands Soldering Tool & Vise

Picking up a new skill is always exhilarating, especially once you see yourself improving. If the opportunity to build a radio sounded enticing, why not make soldering a regular hobby? While the soldering iron kit is probably not safe for kids, if someone you know would enjoy developing this unusual pastime, this kit is a great value that will provide them with all the basic tools they will need. Those with a mind for technology are sure to love this cool present.

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Compass Solid Brass Sun Dial

Eye-catching and complex, the sundial compass looks like a tool that would have been used by pirates and historic captains. For your science enthusiast though, this interesting piece may look right at home on a cluttered desk or shelf of mysterious devices. Wherever it ends up, there is no denying that it is a unique science gift idea that draws images of adventure and the seven seas for those who gaze upon it.

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Chemistry Periodic Table Infinity Scarf

The perfect accessory to finish off nearly any ensemble, the periodic table scarf looks great and gives your favorite scientist the unique blend of chemistry and fashion that they have been longing for. Featuring the entire periodic table of elements, this unqieu gift for science lovers can be worn in a variety of ways and suits almost any occasion. Whether you wear it to help fend off those chilly, winter winds, or simply drape it around your neck to give some color and flair to an already stunning outfit, you can be certain that your periodic table scarf will impress no matter where you go.

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Galileo Thermometer Set

Galileo’s legendary status was years in the making. In fact, one of the most famous scientific minds spent years under house arrest for his unpopular conclusions, but you don’t have to wait for even one more day to pass you by with this cylindrical thermometer and barometer set that was inspired by Galileo’s own instruments. This colorful set is designed to interpret the temperature and weather in its immediate vicinity using the principles of buoyancy and air pressure, making this an outstanding gift for the next meteorologist in your family.

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DNA Ornament

This three-dimensional figure of nature’s most mysterious blueprint, the human DNA, will give your tree that scientific feel that can often be missing during the holidays. The double helix is cast in metal alloy, making it perfect for bustling houses that have often felt that sinking feeling when a precious, glass ornament drops off its precarious place and shatters on the ground. With a blank card and a gift box included, giving this gift to your loved one is as easy as writing something nice and placing it under the tree. Don’t miss out on this stunning ornament.

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Solar Robot Science Kits

If you have someone close to you that loves mechanics, or just can’t get enough of tinkering with the nearest machine, this kit is perfect for them. With the Solar Robot Creation Kit, you have the ability to build 12 different robots from just one kit. The kit comes with a working solar panel that powers the positive and negative cables and 190 pieces made up of gears, plates, tires, shafts, and other parts to help your master robot builder get the most out of this interactive kit.

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The Most Complete Starter Science Kits

The ELEGOO Mega makes electronics easy with the starter science kits for adults & kids. Novice users who have next to zero electronics knowledge can utilize the included step-by-step tutorial, and will soon come to realize that learning how to build electronic devices can be more fun than they ever expected. Advanced users, such as professional engineers, electronics majors, and experienced hobbyists can use this kit to perform extraordinary tests and experiments. This kit is a great option for friends, family, or even kids who have shown an interest in electronics, programming, or robotics. Help them take their first step towards a new passion today!

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Mega Fossil and Gemstone Dig Kits

This kit is a great way for any child to begin a unique and entertaining rock collection. It can even be a great way to add additional pieces to an existing set, making this an amazing gift for the next geologist or archaeologist in your family. Contained within the kit are samples of aventurine, rose quartz, snowflake obsidian, desert rose, and many more stunning specimens. In addition, the Rock & Fossils Kit includes real fossils, such as ammonites, brachiopods, and prehistoric shark teeth! Help the scientist in your family learn how to sort and identify their geological marvels as they use the full-color learning guide, identification sheet and display case to show off their favorite specimens.

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getDigital Binary Wrist Watch

One of the most unique and cool science gifts on this list, this wristwatch displays the time using the binary number system. A great gift for the computer geek or programmer on your list, this watch comes in two different versions intended for both beginners and pros alike. The beginner version includes the LED binary system but also displays alphanumeric numbers to aid with reading the time. The version intended for the professionals does not display the alphanumeric numbers, opting for a simple LED mode that only shows the time in binary format. Don’t miss this hot item sure to challenge and excite your loved ones.

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What If?

This book is perfect as a gift for your inquisitive niece or nephew, or even for your friend that seems to always have all the answers. Featuring never-before-answered questions from the popular webcomic creator, Randall Munroe, you will laugh and learn as he explains everything from the relativistic effects of a baseball thrown at light speed to the horrific dangers and ways you could die if you tried building a periodic table out of the actual elements. What If? contains the answers to all the weirdest questions you never thought to ask. Masterpiece and wit intermingle in this hilariously accurate question-and-answer feast for anyone who loves the hypothetical.

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Toysmith Euler's Disk

The Euler’s Disk is an object that has intrigued and fascinated scientists and layperson’s alike for many years. The ability to seemingly defy gravity will have you awestruck as the disk spins, giving off a unique rhythmic sound. As the speed of the disk increases, so does the sound, but the real treat with this great gift idea is the hypnotic display of light that this is produced when the Euler’s Disk is spun on top of the mirror base. Including nine different pieces of magnetized holographic foil, the Euler’s Disk is sure to bring a smile to the faces of young and old.

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Playable Art Helicone

If you have someone on your list that always seems like they have to touch that piece of priceless art in a museum or play with the decorations around your house, the Helicone is the perfect mix for them. Thirty-eight laser-cut pieces of wood are assembled on a brass tube to take the form of a helix or a pine cone with a simple twist. This playable art structure can be displayed for all to see and to touch, creating enjoyable experiences, while maintaining its professional aesthetic. The Helicone comes in an executive gift box, that seals with a magnetic catch. Order one today and easily finish off this stunning gift with a simple bow.

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Real Steel Figure Atom robot

An amazing collector’s item for the Real Steel enthusiast on your list, this 5-inch figure featuring Atom the robot includes a light-up chest and a pop-apart, mix-and-match system. The only robot to show signs of sentience in Real Steel has been built to reenact the battles and relive the adventure with multiple points of articulation, and a flexibility Zeus only wishes he could attain. Customize your fighter in dozens of different ways using parts from other fighters, or enjoy Atom the way that he is.

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Climate Changing Coffee Mug

Humorous, insightful and just a little bit morbid, the climate change mug brings a lot to the table. When filled with hot water, this mug’s map of the earth changes drastically – continents are reshaped, countries disappear into the rising ocean and landscapes are altered drastically. This mug makes a powerful statement about the consequences of climate change for our planet and is sure to be appreciated by any environmentalists in your life.

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Mineral Identification Kit

Make someone feel like Indiana Jones with this mineral sample kit that lets you explore genuine geological artifacts. Besides 20 samples, everything a student needs to examine and identify is included: a lamp, a string plate, a magnet, an iron nail, and a sorter needle. Thanks to the index cards and a lab manual, students will be guided through the scientific process of elimination to identify each mineral sample that is shown to them. Just like a real geologist!

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Magnetic Field Demonstrator

Imagine the intensity of exploring the forces of magnetic fields with your very own magnetic field kit. Suitable for children aged 7 to 17, this kit is a fantastic method for a young scientist to learn about the characteristics of magnets in a hands-on environment. Besides being an excellent teaching tool, it’s also entertaining to play with for both youngsters and adults alike! The package is delivered in a durable glass container that measures 6 x 25 inches and includes iron filings in a viscous fluid. To check the movement of the iron filings within, it comes with a magnet, too. Plus, you will discover instructional instructions that will assist the receiver in doing scientific experiments at home with their children.

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Handmade Glass Klein Bottle

Dazzle, impress and confuse with this elegantly curved handmade Klein bottle that will fascinate and delight any science, math, or physics aficionado. With a Klein bottle, they can explore Klein’s science theory of dimensions based on the Möbius Loop that is immersed, boundary-free, non-orientable, and one-sided – Those who are looking for an out-of-the-ordinary experience would like this!

Simulating Klein’s theoretical concepts, it is made from borosilicate glass and has no corners, with no lip to link from inside to outside. The whole surface is completely boundary-free, which means that any ant could walk across the whole area without ever stepping upon a border. Also included are an amusing but educational leaflet and a removable calibration decal.

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Magnetic Iron Powder Filings

Wow young scientists with this magical powder, encouraging them to explore and experiment with magnetic properties and fields. 12 oz of high-quality industrial-grade iron filings that are stain-resistant are contained in a convenient storage jar with a shaker top, making it easy to transport and store. The powder may be dusted over a piece of paper while a magnet is held underneath it.

As the young scientist taps, they will see for themselves how the iron filings are drawn to the strongest part of the magnet. The magnetic powder is a wonderful science resource that enhances scientific investigation, stimulates communication, and promotes creativity as the child creates endless patterns and shapes. Even adults may find it a relaxing mindful exercise!

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One Inch Cube Magnet

Challenge someone to a battle of strength with these two, high-quality Neodymium cube magnets that generate an awesomely powerful 94.6lbs of magnetism, which makes them 21 times stronger than ceramic magnets of the same size. The appealing magnetic cubes are made from neodymium-iron-boron alloy (NdFeB) with a nickel coating that is both attractive and long-lasting in nature. They make an ideal gift for science-loving adults who will be in awe of the magnets’ capacity.

Beware! These magnets mean business. They are not to be used by children without supervision, but they are suitable for serious science projects. Often used in industry, they are able to attract metal from inches away and only the strong and brave will be able to prise them apart. Great for holding things onto the fridge but also a powerful educational tool to demonstrate the strength of magnetic forces.

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Magnetic Penny Game

Intrigue and delight children everywhere as they explore the science of magnetic properties in a thrilling and captivating way with the magic penny. Containing 32 newly minted British pennies, a bonus US penny, and 2 small heavy-duty magnets, this is a versatile gift. Together with the activity booklet packed with stimulating ideas, there are endless opportunities for exploration and magic. You will be amazed at the diversity of activities from levitating pyramids to coins spinning in 2 directions at once. The fun will lead to great scientific discoveries exploring magnetism, force, energy, geometry, and developing fine motor skills.  

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Smart Circuits

Create engineers of the future with the smart circuit kit. This is a gift that will encourage your STEM enthusiast to explore electronics to create gadgets and games with sounds, sensors, and lights. There are 50 projects to work on, each building in complexity, and the first explains the fundamentals needed to create simple circuits.

Its comprehensive handbook assists both children and adults in learning about electricity, circuits, conductors, microprocessors, ROM, RAM, and sound frequency. This complete scientific kit includes everything required to instill confidence and develop creative abilities in order to create an infinite number of projects, all while encouraging problem-solving and divergent thinking skills, and most importantly, having fun!

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