Screen Magnifier for Cell Phone With Stand 2X Magnification

Love to watch TV on your phone, but your screen is too small? Are you a fan of watching YouTube videos when you work out by using your phone, but the resolution of your screen is kinda lacking? We would love to introduce you to the Phone Screen Magnifier.

This incredibly ingenious invention will make the screen of your smartphone bigger just by inserting it inside of the imitation TV! With a very cute, cool retro design imitating the style of old 60’s and 70’s TVs, this screen magnifier is not only functional but also really pretty and decorative! With an 8 inch screen, it can give you up to 2X the size of your smartphone, allowing you to enjoy movies, series and games in a different way, and it also helps reduce the eye strain caused by looking at your small screen for extended periods of time.

As a perfect travel companion, this screen magnifier is also compact, lightweight and easy to carry while being quite hardy and not prone to breakage, which makes it perfect to take with you if you are about to take a plane or if you spend long times commuting (trust me, whip this out on a crowded train or metro for an easy conversation starter).

All in all, this product could be a great for those that constantly use their phone for movies, series or games, for those that commute for long times, or those that for whatever reason would just like their smartphone screen to be just a bit bigger!

8.6Expert Score

Get the fun of turning your telephone into an attractive thick TV!

Easy to setup
Reduce eye strain
Large 8 inch screen

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