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Have you ever heard of the French phenomenon of the “soupeur”? During the 60s, there was a trend in France, particularly in Paris, to leave pieces of bread in urinals to be later eaten when it was soaked in human secretions. The practice is still a thing nowadays, and sometimes you will find a piece of bread in public urinals in France. Really off-putting and not glamorous at all, isn’t it? Well, we guess someone was thinking of soupeurs when they invented this weird and funny in equal parts shot glass.

This shot glass is shaped like urinals. Yeah, you heard that right. This urinal glass can hold up to 1.5 oz of liquid inside them and are made from high-quality ceramic, so they are dishwasher and microwave safe, and you can be sure that they can deal with being used, too.

Fill it with whisky, fill it with beer, fill it with grenadine and serve your friends one of the most hilarious, dumbfounding, puzzling and nasty shots they’ll ever have in their lives: even if they know it’s whiskey, they will still be reluctant to drink it (Or not. Which is amusing and terrifying at equal parts).

An amazing gag gift for white elephant parties, Secret Santas, or when you want to play a prank on your friends, we can guarantee this urinal glass shot will have your friends chuckling and giggling (and now, they will have you wondering about soupeurs and their bizarre breadpissing).

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This hilarious shot glass could be a great white elephant gift for drink lovers.


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