Skinners Socks Minimalist Barefoot Sock Shoes

Skinners socks are the most ultraportable Footwear in the world. and also, the coolest one.

Traditionally, People have invented a lot of special kinds of footwear: cycling shoes, cleats, climbing shoes, hiking boots, and so on, to enhance our performance, move faster and go farther. But all too often this footwear is so specialized that we are forced to sacrifice on comfort, convenience, and even safety. To overcome the limits, The Skinners team spent almost 18 months developing a better alternative to your heavy clunky Footwear. Many of us are fond of traveling or exercise, Skinners finds an easier way both for you and your feet.

On the one hand, the patented technology says goodbye to gluten things that can fall apart over time. Skinners socks are manufactured in Europe, using the finest Swedish materials with a double coating of extra durable anti-abrasive polymer, and they tested them all over the world in all kinds of conditions, to make sure they can keep up with you wherever you go. The Skinners socks even allow guys running marathons in them.

On the other hand, Skinner’s are light yet very durable, which makes it one of the best cool shoes. The bottom sole protects you from water and broken glasses. They fit into your pocket, don’t slip, and have a cooling effect. Best of all, you can throw them in the washer.

Furthermore, Skinners were designed to be worn almost anywhere, and anytime, except for your wedding of course. You can have Skinner’s with you all the time, like when you take a trip to Japan again.

If you’re tired of carrying an extra pair of shoes with you all the time, try skinners socks. They’re lightweight, portable, comfort. Simply put, they tune to perfection.

As the old saying goes, Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, Skinners perfectly illustrates the concept. Freedom, Protection, and Portability, people will be surprised to see how something so simple can be so durable. Say goodbye to lug around those heavy boots all day.

Being out in nature is where we can unwind, and get new ideas. People enjoy the wingding hair, favorite song, and freedom, except for those heavy shoes in our backpack. After comparing and reviewing the outdoor footwear on the market for a few weeks, we found a revolutionary one – The Skinners socks.

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8.8 Total Score
SKINNERS: Revolutionary Ultraportable Footwear

Skinners Socks is an ultraportable & lightweight footwear. The ultimate pocket footwear is designed for all your adventures, travels, and sports. Minimalist, High-tech, Anti-Odor, Durable, and Awesome...all of these made skinner socks the Winner of RED DOT Design Award 2017.

  • 1. Mesh Ventilation
  • 2. Toe Protection
  • 3. 80g Lightweight
  • 4. Waterproof & Broken-glasses Proof Underside
  • 5. Anti-abrasive Double Layout.
  • 6. Washable
  • 1. Less Official
  • 2. Less Budget Friendly
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