SleepScore Max – Get You the Quality of Sleep That You Deserve!

Are you tired of poor sleep? As one of the most basic human needs, you can’t function without a healthy amount of sleep. But insomniacs know that drifting off is not always such a simple matter; that’s why SleepScore Max is committed to getting you the quality of sleep that you deserve!

SleepScore Max

After 12 years of research and 12 published studies, SleepScore Labs present the SleepScore Max, the best sleep tracker on the market. Unlike its competitors, SleepScore max doesn’t require you to wear any uncomfortable wires or gear as you try to fall asleep; with just a state of the art sensor beside your bed, SleepScore Max is able to measure the quality of your sleep and recommend clinical solutions to your drowsiness. In as little as 1 week, this high-tech sensor and its companion app are able to improve your quality of sleep for all time.

For the one-time cost, you get more than just empty promises. SleepScore Max offers real results through scientifically-researched solutions that you can act upon. Learn your sleep history, compile a report for your doctor, and discover the behaviors and products that could revitalize your sleep habits. Each box comes with the SleepScore Max, a power source, and unlimited access to the premium SleepScore App – everything you need to rest easy. A good night’s sleep has never been so simple and affordable!

SleepScore Max is compatible with iOS devices, including the iPhone 6 and above. Unfortunately, this incredible product can’t be used with Android, so be sure to check your own device’s compatibility before ordering. If you do have a compatible device, SleepScore Max is by far the greatest sleep aid available today, providing incredible value for its one-time affordable cost. Scientifically backed solutions and an all-inclusive premium app truly set the SleepScore Max apart from the competition, providing you with practical sleep solutions that you can trust. For those with the technology, definitely give this great sensor a closer look.