Slinky Dog Disney Pixar Toy Story Favorite Character in Retro Packaging

Do you really, really love Toy Story? An absolute fan of Woody, Buzz, Jessie and Mr Potato? Want to have your kid grow up playing with the toys from the movie, and recreate the famous scenes? Well, we are about to show you something that will make you scream with delight! Meet your new best friend, The Original Slinky Brand Slinky Dog!

This super fun, cool Slinky Dog replica perfectly imitates the one from the movie! The collector’s edition of Disney-Pixar favourite of the public Toy Story side character in his original box, this dachshund dog with a metal slinky for a midsection is incredibly funny, cute and smart too as you can teach it to sit, beg, jump and roll like a real puppy (well, not really, but I can’t guarantee this toy is not alive as long as people are not watching just like in the movies !).

For reals, this slinky dog toy is more of a collectionist’s object instead of a toy, but it is still perfectly possible to play with it instead of keeping it in exposition: make it jump, make it dance and play with the slinky to your heart’s content! In conclusion, this incredibly cool high-end collector’s edition would be absolutely great for any diehard fan of Disney-Pixar movie Toy Story!

9.7Expert Score

Do you really really love the merchandising of Toy Story and can't get enough of it?


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